Saturday, December 5, 2015

Winter Star Pillow Tutorial


Each day on the tour, a different blogger will be sharing a favorite holiday tutorial - either a Christmas decor item, or something you could make and give as a gift.  We're also each sharing our favorite holiday recipes.  (It was hard to choose just one!)

Today I'm sharing a tutorial for this frosty-colored Winter Star pillow, using three of my favorite prints from the Modern Minis line by Lori Holt.

Winter Star Pillow tutorial

Winter Star Pillow
Prep Time: 10 minutes

Making Time: 2-3 hours

1 yard background & backing fabric (Modern Graph Paper White)
1/8 yard each of your favorite three Modern Minis Prints (Modern Arrows Aqua, Modern Graph Paper Green, Modern Circles Blue)
1/6 yard binding fabric (Modern Arrows Aqua)
18.5” piece of thin batting
3/8 yard Heat n Bond Lite (or a piece that is at least 14” x 17”)
one 18” pillow form
18-1/2” piece of muslin (optional)

From the 1 yard of background and backing fabric, cut 1 @ 18.5” square, and 2 @ 12” x 18.5”

Winter Star Pillow tutorial

On one long edge of both of the 12” x 18.5” pieces, fold down 1/4” and press.  Then fold down again another 1/4” or so and press. Stitch down to finish that edge.  Set these pieces aside – they will become the back of the pillow.

Print the Winter Star Templates sheet, and trace four of each shape onto the Heat n Bond Lite.  It’s helpful to label the shape 1 and shape 2 pieces -ask me how I know :)

Winter Star Pillow tutorial using Heat n Bond Lite

Cut out each shape, leaving about 1/4” space around each one.

Winter Star Pillow tutorial 3

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, iron each shape onto the wrong side of your fabric.  Shape 1 will be ironed on to the Green Graph Paper, shape 2 on to the Aqua Arrows, and shape 3 on to the Blue Circles.

Winter Star Pillow tutorial 5

Cut out each shape directly on the lines.  Since these pieces all have straight lines, a rotary cutter and ruler makes quick work of this!

Winter Star Pillow tutorial 6

Winter Star Pillow tutorial 7

Fold the 18.5” background square in half and then half again and crease to mark.  These lines will help you place the shapes. 

Remove the paper backing from the shapes, and lay out them out as shown.  Make sure the inside points make a nice, even circle, and that there are equal spaces between all of the shapes.  But really…don’t go crazy measuring each space – I just eyeballed it. 

Winter Star Pillow tutorial 8

Press shapes in place, being careful not to move any as you press.

Winter Star Pillow tutorial

Once all the shapes are secured in place, lay the background square (with shapes pressed in place) on top of the 18.5” piece of thin batting.  You can add a piece of muslin underneath the batting at this time if desired.  The muslin makes for a nice, finished look, and may help with the quilting.  My machine does fine quilting with just the batting on the back, so I left off the muslin.

Using coordinating thread and a straight, blanket or zigzag stitch, sew around the outside edge of each shape.

Winter Star Pillow tutorial

Then do any additional quilting if desired. I chose to do some echo quilting around the star.

Winter Star Pillow tutorial

Trim the edges of the batting (and muslin if used) to be even with the pillow top (18.5" square)

Winter Star Pillow tutorial

Place the pillow top right side down.  Layer the pillow backing pieces right side up with the finished edges overlapping in the middle.  Pin around the outer edge of the entire pillow.  This creates the envelope backing for the pillow.  Baste around the entire pillow about 1/8” in from the edge.  This will hold all the layers together as you add the binding, and your basting stitches will be hidden under the binding.

Winter Star Pillow tutorial

Use the 1/6” yard of binding fabric to cut 2 strips @ 2.5” x width of fabric.  Use those to bind the pillow as you would bind a quilt.  I love what a binding adds to a pillow!

Winter Star Pillow tutorial

Insert your pillow form and enjoy! 

And here’s something else to enjoy – these yummy Lake House Brownies are one of my current favorite treats.  With a chewy brownie layer, topped with goey marshmallow followed by a crunchy top layer – these are oh-so-good! 

Lake House Brownie recipe

The recipe makes a 9x13 size pan full of chocolaty goodness.  The recipe can be found here on the Tasty Kitchen website.  You can print the recipe right there and have a pan of these amazing brownies by this afternoon! 

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  1. This is a beautiful design on a pillow! I will add this one to my list and hopefully get a Winter Star finished soon. Luckily, it will be in "fashion" here in Iowa for several more months! thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Wonderful pillow! Thank you so much for this tutorial. And the lovely recipe!

  3. THANK YOU for sharing such a neat design! Certainly a 'keeper' for myself or for gifts!

  4. Andy, what a darling pillow! I like the idea of quilting the pillow top, really emphasizes the design. And that recipe looks divine -- all my favorite ingredients!

  5. Andy, you always do such good work! and thanks for the brownie recipe! Too bad my kitchen is being remodeled right now! :)


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