Monday, November 23, 2015

Fabric Covered Hexagon Wall Decor

hexagon wall decor 23

As promised – I’m back today to share with you how my weekend project went!  I had found these hexagon shaped cork tiles at my local Target store and thought it would be fun to cover them with some of my current favorite prints and use them to brighten up a bare wall in my quilting room.

fabric covered hexagons 2

It’s super easy project!  Here’s how I did it.  First of all you’ll need a pack of cork board tiles.  One pack comes with 4 tiles. 

Hexagon wall decor 1

You’ll also need a permanent glue stick.  I love this one from Therm O Web because it’s nice and wide, but any permanent glue stick will work.  Or a glue gun would work as well!

Hexagon wall decor 2

I used 4 fat quarters for this project, but you can use scraps as long as they’re at least 14” x 14”.  The fabric I used is from the “Folklore” line designed by Heather Rosas for Camelot Fabrics.

Trim your fabric down so that it extends beyond the hexagon by about 3/4” to 1” around each edge.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  

Hexagon wall decor 3

Add a line of glue to one edge, fold fabric over, and press.  

Hexagon wall decor 4

My glue held well and dried fairly quickly so I was able to glue the next side immediately.  After you glue the first side, next move to the side directly opposite the first.  Glue that second side down, making sure to pull the fabric tight without stretching.  

Hexagon wall decor 5

Now that you have two sides glued, move to an adjacent side and glue that one.  Miter the corner by folding it as shown in the photo below.  

Hexagon wall decor 6

Continue moving around the hexagon gluing down the sides, mitering the corners, and making sure the fabric is pulled taut.

Hexagon wall decor 8
Repeat to make all four hexagons.  If any of your fabric is directional, just be sure it is aligned the way you prefer before you start gluing. 

Hexagon wall decor 9

The cork tiles came with stickers to use for hanging, but I wasn’t sure how well they would hold, or if they would damage the paint on the wall.  So I bought a pack of these handy Picture Hanging Strips.  They’re a velcro type of adhesive that makes it soooo easy to hang things without leaving holes in the wall, or peeling off paint. 

Hexagon wall decor 10

Because the hexagons are thin and lightweight, I only needed one strip to hang each one. You can see below how low-profile they are.  

Hexagon wall decor 12

Here’s the oh-so-boring wall before…

Hexagon wall decor 11

…and after!  Much better, don’t you think?  I love how they brighten up that spot.  And when I fall in love with a new fabric line I can easily switch out the fabrics!

hexagon wall decor finished

Friday, November 20, 2015

A Weekend Project

Anyone else REALLY glad it’s the weekend?  We have kind of a busy Saturday planned, but I’m hoping to make some time to do a little project.  I’ve decided that this empty wall in my quilting room needs a little bit of color. 

Hexagon wall decor 11

I found these cork board hexagon shapes at Target, and thought I’d cover them with some of my favorite prints. 

fabric covered hexagons 2

I’ll be back on Monday with some before and after photos! 

fabric covered hexagons

Hope you have a great weekend!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Play Ball Baby Quilt

Along with trying to finish up all of my WIPs (Works in Progress) this year, I’m also making an effort to use up more of my stash as well.  This quilt is made from the leftovers of a larger quilt I made earlier this year

Play Ball Baby Quilt

I’ve done this a few times (here for example) and I find that I love the challenge!  I lay out all of the leftover pieces and do a little math to figure out how I can make that into another quilt.  This one was pretty straightforward – with some four patch blocks mixed in with some squares. 

Play Ball baby quilt

The backing is mostly a solid, but I did have a strip of this print so I added it in.  Pieced backs are so fun!

Play Ball baby quilt

The finished quilt measures 39.5” x 44.5” and I added it to my ETSY shop so it can find a new home and make some little boy really happy.  I also have a few other finished quilts listed there as well (underneath each photo is a link to the original blog post and the ETSY listing).

Crayon Commute Quilt
Crayon Commute Quilt // Blog Post // ETSY Listing

Lucky Nines quilt
Lucky Nines Quilt // Blog Post  // ETSY Listing

Run the Numbers quilt
Run The Numbers Quilt // Blog Post // ETSY Listing

Summertime Squares quilt
Summertime Squares Quilt // Blog Post // ETSY Listing

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sewing with Summerfest

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to help April Rosenthal with some of her Quilt Market Prep.  Her newest line, Summerfest (Moda), had it’s debut at Fall Market last weekend.

  Summerfest Fabric by April Rosenthal for Moda

From the moment I first saw it, I was in love.  It’s bright, fun and has a great mix of pretty florals and geometric prints. 

Summerfest Fabric by April Rosenthal for Moda

Summerfest Fabric by April Rosenthal for Moda

  This fun plus quilt is one of her new patterns - called "Flirty" (coming soon!) and was a quick one to put together.  I’ve had a peek at her other upcoming patterns as well, and there’s some really great ones. 
Flirty quilt pattern by April Rosenthal

You can watch for April's new patterns here in her shop, and Summerfest will be in stores next April.  Doesn’t that seem SO far away?  That’s just too long to wait!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Mini Finish

English Paper Piecing: A 6 Pointed star mini quilt using Gooseberry Fabric

My mini quilt wall is growing!  Last week I added two new ones – one called "Petunia" that I will release next week as a new pattern, and this one made with the new Gooseberry Fabric (by Vanessa Goertzen for Moda).  Back in September The Fat Quarter Shop did an English Paper Piecing (EPP) Sew Along on Instagram and I joined in.  You can read more about the sew along here.

English Paper Piecing: A 6 Pointed star mini quilt using Gooseberry Fabric

Most of the hand sewing (making the diamonds and stitching them together) was done while watching tv/movies in the evenings.  I’m the kind of girl that always has to have a project to work on while I watch tv.  I’d say for me, the trickiest bit of this mini was hand appliqueing the star to the background.  But once I figured it out, it went pretty quickly!

English Paper Piecing: A 6 Pointed star mini quilt using Gooseberry Fabric

You can still buy the EPP Sew Along Kit here (theirs uses the Meadowbloom fabric) or you can just purchase the 2” 6 Point Star paper pieces here and use fun scraps from your stash!

Sue Daley has helpful youtube tutorials about how to sew the diamonds together here.  It’s really helpful to watch these if you’re a beginner (or semi-beginner like me) because she shows how to glue baste the fabric to the paper pieces and how the pieces fit together.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Chatterbox WIP

So I have a crazy goal.  I want to get all of my current WIP (Works In Progress) done by the end of the year.  That’s a whopping 24 quilts.  Sounds a leeetle bit crazy, right?  Well, to be honest, most of the quilts are done and just waiting to be quilted.  So it’s not as impossible as it may sound. 

Chatterbox Christmas quilt

This quilt is one of the few that are still in the construction phase.  Aaaand it’s a recent addition to my WIP list.  The pattern is called Chatterbox (from Vanessa Goertzen / Lella Boutique) and it was just begging to be made into a Christmas quilt!  I already had a jelly roll of Holly’s Tree Farm (Moda) which was perfect.

Chatterbox Christmas quilt using Holly's Tree Farm jelly roll

So as of today, I have all but two blocks done.  They’re pressed and stacked and ready to be arranged into a quilt top.  While I’ve sewed these over the past two days, I’ve been catching up on a new series on PBS called Home Fires.  Have you seen it?  I’ve watched the first two episodes and I love it so far! 

Chatterbox Christmas quilt

So off I go to whip up those last two quilt blocks!  You can find the Chatterbox pattern here.  Oh, and Vanessa is doing a fun giveaway – it’s not too late to enter and you can read all about it here on her blog

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Day at Home

Hi friends!  Sorry I’ve been MIA for a bit.  I’ve been knee-deep in several projects, one of which I’m sharing with you today!  Last week was shop hop time for our local quilt shop and I was asked to make a project that uses a 9” block.  Now that the shop hop is over, I can share my project with you!

A Day at Home quilt 2

The theme for the shop hop was “A Day at Home” so I created these little houses – they’re designed to use precuts (either layer cake squares or jelly roll strips). 

A Day at Home quilt 3

For the display quilt I used the Farmhouse line by Fig Tree Quilts, which I am absolutely 

A Day at Home quilt 1

The finished quilt measures about 54” x 66” and I used the black and white dots from the line as the binding.  This quilt has to hang as a display in the shop for awhile, but I cannot wait to get it back - I have the perfect spot for it!

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