Friday, September 4, 2015

Little Pink Hexden Project

In my travels around town this last week I stopped by a couple of local shops and picked up some lovely pink fat quarters to help add that scrappy feeling to my pink hexden project.  I've been feeling like it's needing a little more variety.

Pink fat quarters

I love that there’s so many great pinks out there right now! 

Pink fat quarters

I’ve been making good progress on my little hexdens – I have 36 flowers made and they’re ready to be appliqued onto a background square.

So I’ve been on the hunt for a good background print to applique each hexden flower to.  This week I found this print and I think it’s perfect!  Like, perfect to the point where I'm excited to start working on it NOW.  We're talking Christmas-morning excitement here.  Weird, right?

English Paper Piecing Hexden flowers

The print is from the new Modern Background- Paper line by Zen Chic for Moda.  There are some really great low volume prints in that collection.  Click on the link and scroll through the page and you’ll see what I mean.

Modern Background Paper by Zen Chic for Moda

In addition to working on this fun paper piecing project, I’ve also been putting the finishing touches on two new quilt patterns!  Stay tuned for sneak peeks of those :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Starburst Pillow – free pattern!

Hi friends!  I’m stopping by today to let you know that I have a free downloadable PDF pattern available on the Connecting Threads blog for this fun Sunburst Pillow.

Sunburst Pillow Pattern

I designed this as a part of the Gifty Galore blog series that the Connecting Threads blog does each year.  Each Monday from July through December a new fast, fun and gifty idea is posted to the blog.  Some of the ideas can be found in this book and some are additional projects and tutorials – like my Sunburst pillow! 

Sunburst Pillow Pattern

Go and check it out!  I’m in the process of making this pillow in another color combo – I’ll be sure to show you when I get it all done!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Swim Bag Tutorial

Swim Bag tutorial

Hi everyone!  I’m just stopping by today to let you know that I have a tutorial for this quick and easy Swim Bag over on the Thermoweb Blog.

  Swim Bag tutorial using DecoFoils

I found this pre-made backpack at my local JoAnn Fabrics (they also had two other colors) and thought I would personalize it with some fun DecoFoils. 

Swim Bag tutorial

The DecoFoils are sure fun to play with and they make it easy to add personality to everyday items.  Go check out the tutorial here

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Christmas Pillow Tutorial

Are you thinking about Christmas yet?  Yep me neither haha!  I had a friend tell me yesterday that she has already finished one quilt that is meant to be a Christmas gift this year.  Now that’s impressive!

Over on the Fort Worth Fabric Studio blog they are celebrating Christmas in July.  They’ll have a month's worth of fun, creative ideas!  This last week I shared a tutorial to make this quilted Christmas pillow

Christmas pillow tutorial

It just needs two of your favorite prints and a bit of background/solid white.  The prints I chose for my pillow are Teal Snowflake (Postcards for Santa), and  Essentials Criss-Cross Holiday Red.  You can see more of the Christmas prints in stock at FWFS here.   There are some really great holiday fabrics out this year! 

Are you not a big fan of throw pillows?  On the tutorial I also show you how to make this into a table topper.  Something for everyone ;)     

Christmas table topper tutorial

Thanks for stopping by! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

RBD Home Dec Love Blog Tour: Picnic Throw Tutorial

Picnic Throw tutorial using cute Riley Blake home dec fabrics

July is the month of parades and picnics around here!  I decided we needed a convenient throw we could keep in the car to have on hand for these fun events.  As a part of the Riley Blake Home Dec Blog Tour, I chose to make a picnic throw from one of my favorite home decor prints (Quatrefoil in Navy) and a coordinating Riley Blake basic (Small Dots in Yellow).  I loooove navy and yellow together – yummy!

Picnic Throw tutorial

Using the home dec fabric adds a nice weight and durability, without needing the extra step of adding interfacing.  

Picnic Throw tutorial

I added a simple strap from 1” wide webbing to make it easy to carry, or loop over the handle of the stroller.  Since finishing this throw last week, our family has already put it to good use! 

Here’s what you’ll need to make one of your own:
  • 1-1/2 yards of Riley Blake Home Dec fabric
  • 2-1/3 yards of any Riley Blake coordinating quilting print
  • 2 yards of 1” wide webbing

Step 1:  Remove selvages from the Home Dec fabric and cut to measure 54” x 54”

Step 2:  Remove selvages from the coordinating quilting print.  Cut 1 piece that is 40” x 54”.  From the remaining fabric, cut two pieces that are 14.5” x 27.25”. 

Step 3:  Sew the two 14.5” x 27.25” pieces together end to end with right sides together and using a 1/4” seam.  Press seam to one side.

picnic throw tutorial measurements 6

Step 4:  To the panel created in step 3, sew the  40” x 54” piece, again right sides together and using a 1/4” seam.  Press seam to one side. 

picnic throw tutorial measurements 5

This piece should now measure 54” x 54”

Step 5:  Take the 2 yard length of webbing and sew the ends together.  Before stitching, make sure there are no extra twists in the loop.  I used a zig zag stitch and stitched over both raw edges to keep it from fraying.

Picnic Throw tutorial

Step 6:  Fold the loop in half and mark both end points. 

picnic throw tutorial measurements 7
Picnic Throw tutorial

Step 7:  We are going to place the webbing loop on to the TOP LEFT corner of the RIGHT side of the Home Dec fabric.  This loop will become the handle for the picnic throw.  

Remember the pins we placed in step 6?  Those are the pins circled below.  They should both be placed 4” down from the top edge of the fabric.  The left pin should be 2.75” from the edge and there should be 6.5” between the straps. 

picnic throw tutorial

Step 8:   Next, add a pin 3” above and 3” below each of the center pins. 

picnic throw tutorial

Step 9:  Using a straight stitch, sew straps in place.  You’ll be sewing a rectangle – with the top and bottom edge of stitching where the top and bottom pins are located.  Repeat for second strap.

Picnic Throw tutorial

Step 10:  Place the 54” Home Dec square right sides together with the 54” quilting fabric square.  Pin around all edges, making sure that the straps are tucked inside.  Sew around the outside edge of the square using a 1/2” seam and  leaving about 7” or 8” open for turning the throw right side out.  As you sew, be careful not to catch the webbing straps in the stitching. 

Step 11:  Turn the throw right side out and carefully push out corners.  Press edges.  Fold in raw edges of the opening and press.  Top stitch around entire throw.  The top stitching will sew the opening shut. 

Your throw is ready to use!  Here’s how to roll it up – it’s quick and easy!

Picnic Throw rolling diagram

First lay the throw with the Home Dec side down and the straps in the top right corner.  Fold throw in half and then half again, and then roll up from the bottom. 

Picnic Throw tutorial

Now get outside and use it! 

Picnic Throw tutorial

The Riley Blake Designs Home Dec Blog Tour is just getting underway with some fun projects already added to the list.  You can see more of the RBD Home Dec fabrics here.  And stop by each day on the blog tour to get more fun ideas for using those RBD Home Dec fabrics!

6/23 - A Bright Corner -- You are here :)
6/24 - Tea Rose Home
7/3 - Heart Zipper
7/6 - Quiltscapes

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Deco Foil Star Table Topper tutorial

Deco Foil Star Table Topper tutorial

Summer is in full swing around here and we are counting down the days to our family’s annual Cul-de-sac of Fire celebration (a.k.a. 4th of July fireworks with extended family.)  To add to our July decor around the house I’ve made a sparkly star table topper using the Silver Star color of the iCraft Deco Foil

The Deco Foils were fun to work with!

Deco Foil table topper tutorial

My tutorial is over on the Therm O Web blog today – go check it out!

star table topper tutorial

Monday, June 8, 2015

Play Ball! A Quilt Tutorial

I spent part of last week working with the fun "Play Ball" fabric line from Riley Blake.  I love taking a straightforward quilt pattern and adding in some personality with a bit of applique.  For this quilt I take inspiration from the fabric and add a basketball and some stars along with the phrase "Play ball" - but you could also swap in a child's name there to personalize it!

Play Ball quilt tutorial
Finished quilt measures 60" x 65"

Supplies Needed:
1/3 yard each of 8 Playball prints:  Playball Main Navy, Playball Uniform Orange, Playball Ticket Aqua, Playball Ticket Navy, Playball Stripe Multi, Playball Star Navy, Playball Geo Aqua, Playball Geo Orange
1/2 yard Heat n Bond Lite
1/6 yard solid blue for stars (or use scraps)
1/4 yard solid orange for ball and letters
1/2 yard binding (Multi Stripe)
1-1/2 yards of solid white
3-3/4 yards of backing fabric
Batting (68" x 73")
Play Ball applique templates

Play ball fabric

Cutting Instructions:
From each of the 8 main prints, cut:
2 @ 5.5” x WOF.  Subcut into 12 @ 5.5” square (need 96 total)

From the solid white cut:
8 @ 3” x WOF
2 @ 3” x WOF.  Subcut 1 @ 3” x 30” and 1 @ 3” x 30.5”
2 @ 10.5” x WOF.  Subcut 1 @ 10.5” x 30 and 1 @ 10.5” x 30.5”

Play Ball quilt tutorial

We’ll make the large applique blocks first.  Print the applique templates for the ball, letters and stars.

Play Ball quilt tutorial

Using a pencil, trace each shape on to the Heat n Bond Lite.  Be sure to trace enough of the letters to spell “play ball.”  Trace as many stars as you want – I did three.  Number the ball segments to help with placement later. 

Play Ball quilt tutorial

Cut around each shape, leaving about 1/4” around each shape.  The ball segments maybe kept together for this step.

Play Ball quilt tutorial

Following the instructions on the package, iron the applique pieces to the wrong side of the solid orange and navy fabrics.  Cut out each shape directly on the lines.  Set aside for a later step. 

Play Ball quilt tutorial

Choose 12 of the 5.5” squares, using a variety of prints.  Sew 5 of them end to end.  Cut one square in half and sew to each end of the strip.  Press seams.  Sew this row to the long side of the 10.5” x 30” solid white.  Press seam.  Sew a 3” x 30” white strip to the other side of the pieced strip.  This makes the right side applique block.

  Play Ball quilt tutorial

For the left applique block, sew 6 (5.5”) squares end to end.  Press seams.  Sew this pieced strip to one long side of the 10.5” x 30.5” white rectangle.  Press seams.  To the other side of the pieced strip sew a 3” x 30.5” white strip. 

Play Ball quilt tutorial

Peel the paper backing from the ball segments and stars.  Place them as shown in the photo with the pieced strip UNDERNEATH the ball and stars and making sure that all pieces are at least 1” from the edges.  Press in place.

Play Ball quilt tutorial

Repeat for the “play ball” this time making sure the pieced strip is ABOVE the lettering.  I used a ruler to make sure the  letters were aligned.  Press letters in place.   

Play Ball quilt tutorial
Using a coordinating thread and a straight or zigzag stitch, stitch around each applique shape.  I find it’s SO much easier to do this step now, while the block is smaller rather than waiting until the whole quilt is pieced.  It’s a hassle to wrestle with an enormous quilt top as you’re trying to stitch around a tiny letter!
Play Ball quilt tutorial
Sew the two applique blocks together, using a 1/4” seam.  Press.  You now should have a section that looks like the photo above.  We’ll call this the applique section. 

Next we’ll make the long, pieced rows.  Sort the remaining 5.5” squares into 7 groups of 12 squares each.  Each group will become one row, so make sure each group has a variety of prints.  Play Ball quilt tutorial
Four of the rows will be offset rows.  To create an offset row, sew 11 squares together end to end.  Cut the remaining 5.5” square in half and sew to each end of the row.  Press seams.  Repeat to make 4 total offset rows.

For the other three rows, sew 12 (5.5”) squares end to end to make a long, pieced strip.  Press seams. Trim 1/4” from each end of the non-offset rows.  All of the rows as well as the applique section should measure 60".

Now for the white strips between rows.  Remove the selvages from the 3” x WOF white strips.  Sew all of the white strips together end to end to make one very long strip.  From this long strip cut 5 that are 60” long.

Starting with one offset pieced row, start sewing rows together with long white strips between.  Follow the layout diagram, and add in the applique section where shown.

  Play Ball Layout Diagram

Your quilt top is done!    I used the Play Ball Multi Stripe print for the binding – you know I can’t resist a great striped binding, and it adds such a fun finishing touch!

  Play Ball quilt tutorial

Thanks for stopping by!  If you’d like to see more of my tutorials (quilts, quilt blocks and other crafty stuff) you can find them all listed under the “Tutorial” tab at the top of my blog. On the sidebar on the right you'll find a spot to enter your email.  Subscribe by email and you'll receive each blog post here at A Bright Corner right in your inbox so you won't miss a thing!  Happy quilting!

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