Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Quilting Tree Skirts

Just before Thanksgiving, Karen Walker posted a great article over on the Craftsy blog about how to quilt a Christmas Tree Skirt on a long arm.  I was delighted that she used a tree skirt made from my Holly Jolly Tree Skirt pattern as her example!


Her post has a lot of great information if you have a long arm and have ever thought about quilting an irregular shaped item such as a table runner or tree skirt.  It IS possible! 

Back when I was designing the pattern, I made three different tree skirts but ended up just spray basting them and then quilting them on my Juki. 

tree skirt 1[6]

It worked fine, and since the tree skirts aren’t huge, it didn’t take too long.

  tree skirt 5[5]

But now I’d love to try quilting one on the long arm!

tree skirt 7[4]

Hilary Jordan @youngtexanmama Tree Skirt
photo cred: Hilary Jordan
This red/green/aqua one is the one we use around our Christmas tree each year.  But the other day I spotted this one on Instagram:and I loved it so much now I’m thinking of making a new one for us!  This fun tree skirt was made by Hilary Jordan (blog: Young Texan Mama, IG: @youngtexanmama).

You can find the Holly Jolly Tree Skirt pattern here in my shop, and here on etsy.

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  1. Hey...thanks Andy! Your tree skirt pattern was really fun to quilt!! Merry Christmas!


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