Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Quilting Tree Skirts

Just before Thanksgiving, Karen Walker posted a great article over on the Craftsy blog about how to quilt a Christmas Tree Skirt on a long arm.  I was delighted that she used a tree skirt made from my Holly Jolly Tree Skirt pattern as her example!


Her post has a lot of great information if you have a long arm and have ever thought about quilting an irregular shaped item such as a table runner or tree skirt.  It IS possible! 

Back when I was designing the pattern, I made three different tree skirts but ended up just spray basting them and then quilting them on my Juki. 

tree skirt 1[6]

It worked fine, and since the tree skirts aren’t huge, it didn’t take too long.

  tree skirt 5[5]

But now I’d love to try quilting one on the long arm!

tree skirt 7[4]

Hilary Jordan @youngtexanmama Tree Skirt
photo cred: Hilary Jordan
This red/green/aqua one is the one we use around our Christmas tree each year.  But the other day I spotted this one on Instagram:and I loved it so much now I’m thinking of making a new one for us!  This fun tree skirt was made by Hilary Jordan (blog: Young Texan Mama, IG: @youngtexanmama).

You can find the Holly Jolly Tree Skirt pattern here in my shop, here on etsy, and here on Craftsy.

Speaking of Craftsy...right now Craftsy is having a fun contest.  Share one of your handmade holiday items and you’ll be entered to win a free online Craftsy class (your choice!)  I’ve taken a couple of Craftsy classes and they’re great.  AND there are so many to choose from.  You can read more about the contest here.  It ends on December 12th, so don’t procrastinate too long :)

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  1. Hey...thanks Andy! Your tree skirt pattern was really fun to quilt!! Merry Christmas!


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