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Ties to Liberty quilt tutorial + A Blog Hop

Liberty Lawn quilt tutorial

Have you heard of the “Give Me Liberty” Club hosted by Westwood Acres? Members of this club receive 10 pieces (either F8, FQ or F16) of Liberty Lawn fabric each month for the year.  It’s a fun way to add to (or start!) your Liberty collection. 

Liberty Blog Hop
Maybe some of you are already members of the club or have a fun collection of Liberty prints and are just looking for some inspiration.  Well, Amanda has organized a Project Ideas Blog Hop!  Each day a different blogger will share their project using a bundle from the Give Me Liberty Club

Liberty Lawn fabrics

Amanda sent me this fat quarter bundle to work with and after toying with a few different ideas, I finally decided on this:

Quilt using Liberty of London fabrics

I’m calling this quilt “Ties to Liberty” since it uses the traditional Bow Tie quilt block and (of course) these pretty Liberty Lawn fabrics!  This quilt uses only 10 fat quarters and the finished quilt measures 56” x 70”. 

Today I'm going to share with you the tutorial to make this quilt - but if you would prefer a printable PDF version, there is one available here (for personal use only please).

 Fabric Requirements:

10 Fat Quarters of Liberty Lawn
1-5/6 yard background**
3-1/2 yards backing
1/2 yard binding
**For my background fabric I used “Soft Gray Mini Dot” from the Sorbets line by Quilting Treasures. 


From the background fabric cut 16 @ 4” x Width of fabric.  Then cut each strip into 10 @ 4” square.  You’ll need a 160 (4”) squares.

From each of the Liberty fat quarters, cut 16 (4” squares) and 16 (2”) squares.  (See the cutting diagram below.)

fat quarter cutting diagramLiberty Lawn fabrics

Step 1:  Fold each 2” square in half diagonally and finger press (or using a pencil draw a line diagonally through each).

Liberty quilt tutorial
Step 2:  Place a 2” square on one corner of a 4” background square. 

Liberty quilt tutorial

Step 3:  Sew directly on the folded/drawn line.
 Liberty quilt tutorial

Step 4:  Cut about 1/4” away from stitching. 
 Bowtie quilt block tutorial

Step 5:  Fold corner open and press.

Bowtie quilt block tutorial

Step 6:  Arrange block pieces as shown. 
 Bowtie quilt block tutorial

Step 7:  Sew top two and bottom two squares together using a 1/4” seam.  Press seams toward the large Liberty square.
 Bowtie quilt block tutorial

Step 8:  Sew top half to bottom half, matching center seam.  Press final seam open.  At this point I also gave the block a little spray of Best Press and pressed it for a few seconds to get it nice and flat. 

Bowtie quilt block tutorial

Make all of your bow tie blocks (you need 80 blocks).  Arrange blocks into quilt top.  The arrangement I used is below.  I love the secondary pattern this layout creates!

Liberty Bow Tie layout diagram

Sew blocks into rows.  Press the seams of all odd numbered rows to the left and even numbered rows to the right.  Then sew rows together.  Press your quilt top.  You’re now ready to baste, quilt and bind it!

Liberty quilt tutorial

For the quilting on mine, I did a new-to-me quilting design called Cabbage Roses.  It was a fast and very forgiving quilting design and it’s now one of my new favorites! 

cabbage roses quilting design

Thanks for stopping by!  You can see more of the Liberty Lawn prints here at Westwood Acres, and also by following along in the blog hop – each blogger will use a variety of prints and it will be fun to see what everyone creates with their bundle!

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March 3rd: Lee at Freshly Pieced 

Liberty of London quilt tutorial


  1. Hi Andy, This is really a nice quilt and you have explained it all so well! I will go on by and purchase some Liberty from Amanda! Thank you!

  2. Such a lovely finish! Bow Tie has always been a favourite of mine! Linda

  3. You did an amazing job, Andy! It's gorgeous!!

  4. This is absolutely beautiful, thank you for a great tutorial. too. x

  5. Your quilt is very pretty and I love the quilting design... perfect!!

  6. Love your design and the quilting...just perfect for your quilt. I have a bundle of Liberty fabrics that I won several years ago and have been afraid to cut into, but your quilt is a great inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I think this octagonal design is great for quilting with. What a unique idea. Learning more about how to accomplish this is great! quilt patterns

  9. I never use white backgrounds unless someone asks for it. I think a gentle cream or gray to go with all the silk ties I have gathered will do for me. Thank you for the great instructions.


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