Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sarah Jane Family Tree

Back in March I posted this pic of a small stack of sweet fabrics and said I would show you when the quilt was finished.

sarah jane custom order

She’s all finished and has made her way to her new owner!

  sarah jane family tree 4

The quilt is a duplicate of one that Amy Smart made last year so I cannot take any credit for the design of the quilt!  (Yes, Amy knows that I made a clone.)

The customer purchased the family tree panel and added her family names.  She then sent it to me and I created the quilt.  I loved working with this fabric – and the quilt itself was an unusual one for me.  Normally my quilts are made of pieced blocks and rarely do I add any borders.  This one was all borders!  A nice change of pace.  And don’t tell anyone, but I think I’m possibly becoming a fan of adding borders. 

sarah jane family tree 2

The fabrics are all from the Children at Play line by Sarah Jane.  The prints used in the borders are:  Meadow in Soft Pink and Wallpaper Flowers in Berry.  The Wallpaper Flowers in Berry was used for the binding as well, and the backing is Summer Gardens in Lilac.

sarah jane family tree 3

I purchased all of the fabrics here


  1. Love it! Makes me think of my grandmother. Her name was Sarah Jane.

  2. OMG that is gorgeous!! Love your cloned version! =D

  3. It's adorable. I bet the new owner is thrilled. Glad you are feeling better


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