Saturday, March 17, 2012

Custom Order

sarah jane custom order

I love this sweet fabric.  After my last project it’s fun to work with something so very girly! 

This fabric will be used for a custom order quilt.  The customer saw a cute quilt made by Amy Smart using the family tree panel from Sarah Jane’s line Children at Play.  I’ll show it to you when it’s all done!

(I found all of the fabrics here.)

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!


  1. You have great taste :) That is some of te prettiest fabric available!

  2. It really very cute and sweet designs.It really enjoyable projects on the fabrics.Different colour of strips are stitch each other and make it so cute.

  3. They are cute! Love the family tree design! =D

  4. Tecidos lindos.Conheço o que você vai fazer,é maravilhoso post antes de entregar...Beijos.

  5. I saw this family tree quilt made up and it is really cute. What a good idea. Let me see yours when it's done. I really like Sarah Jane fabrics and colors. Makes me want to sew something.


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