Friday, February 3, 2012

Greens and Purples

greens and purples top

This quilt is coming along!  I really am loving the purples and greens together.  I haven’t seen much of this color combination in awhile.  I hope it’s not gone for good.  It’s so… lovely!

The quilt is being quilted this afternoon.  It’s so petite that I’m sure it will take me longer to pin it to the leaders than it will to actually quilt it. 

purple binding

I have gotten some questions about the bins I use to store my scraps.  I found them a couple of years ago at our local Walmart (side note:  I hate that place.)  The bins are Sterilite brand and measure 16.5” (depth) x 11.5” (height)  x 9.75” (width).  At the time they only had white lids as an option.  Maybe by now they have some other fun colors to choose from.

red bin

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Wow! I love that quilt. But then, I've always been a sucker for green and purple (both are my favorite colors).

  2. I am loving your quilt also! I think purple and green is a classic combination (think of nature...all the purple flowers with green leaves). It will always look good together!!

  3. I love green and purples together... so I really LOVE your fabric choice for this quilt! And I was just at Walmart tonight and they still have those sterilite brand bins. I now use another Sterilite design they carry with slim blue fold up locking handles to keep my color organized and 'IN COLOR ORDER' folded fabrics,and a fews smaller one for my patterns, zippers, and my collection of purse/clutch/etc findings. It feels so good to have it all relatively 'organized', until I start pulling out fabrics to play with for the next project... LOL

  4. Green and purple is a nice combo. Isn't it nice to knock out the quilting in one day? That's the beauty of petite quilts!

  5. I like the way those greens and purples look together that's a great match.


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