Monday, January 30, 2012

Working From the Stash

First of all, the winner of the pincushion giveaway is…

giveaway number

Di!  Di I’ll be sending you an email this afternoon.  Congratulations.  And thank you to all of you for your nice comments and emails!

purple and green 1

This weekend I was able to complete several WIPs and get another one started.  This latest one is one that comes completely from my stash.  It always feels good to be able to construct a whole quilt without having to visit a shop.  This one will be quite small – probably about 40” x 45". 

2012 Sew Scraps Along

I’ve been reading along with Jodi’s Sew Scraps Along.  She’s been talking about all-things-scrap this month and it’s been fun to see the creative projects that are out there.  Honestly I don’t dip into my scrap bins very much.

I’m thinking that I need to start using up my scraps.  My green bin and blue bin are getting quite full.  I love the look of these Scraptacular Picnic Quilts.  I’m still debating, but right now I’m leaning towards making one of my own. 

This photo of my green bin was taken a couple of weeks ago.  It’s now overflowing and the lid barely clicks back on. 

  green scrap bin

I use these tall bins to keep most of my scraps.  I love them because they have secure lids and the bins just happen to be the perfect height for the top shelf of my closet:

closet and scrap bins

As you can see, I sort my scraps by color, but very generally – Reds, Oranges/Yellows, Greens, Blues, Pinks and Purples are together.  On the far right I also have bins for multi-colored scraps, one for browns/blacks/grays, and one final bin that keeps all of the whites. 

I also have one bin that I’ve been using to store selvedges.  Obviously that one needs to be bigger.  Either that or I need to get rid of some of my selvedges. 

selvedge bin

To get my scrappy-quilt ideas flowing, I created a gallery over on flickr.  There are definitely several that are my favorites! 

If you’ve seen (or created) any fabulous scrappy quilts, I’d be interested in seeing them!  Leave a comment with the link or email it to me. 


  1. OK, wow, I am so excited that my name is a winner! Thank you so so much! I cannot wait to receive that cute little thing in the mail.

  2. I love your new project . . . purple and green look so yummy together. Great scrap sorting. I think I'm finally hitting a point where I need to sort scraps. I'm headed to flickr to check out your gallery!

  3. I'm such a voyeur - I always enjoy it when bloggers show pictures of their stash and how the organize it. Thanks for sharing! I love that scrappy windmill pattern in your gallery! I just pinned it myself last night. Okay, I have 3 other scrappy quilts that have recently captured my heart:

  4. Megan - thanks for sharing those links. I LOVE that first one. I've never seen it constructed quite like that. I'll have to try it! The second link you gave is already one of my favorites. I've been eyeing it for a month or so now :)


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