Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Stairway Baby Quilt - a free quilt pattern

Stairway baby quilt - a free quilt pattern from A Bright Corner

A few months ago I shared the story of this quilt with you.  And since then I've gotten a lot of requests for details on how I made it.  So instead of a tutorial, I thought I'd write it up as a free downloadable & printable pattern.  

The quilt is a quick one to make - it's just one simple block, which is then rotated to make the stairsteps look.  

Stairway baby quilt - a free quilt pattern from A Bright Corner

The finished quilt measures 48"x 48", and you can make it with either yardage, jelly roll strips, or scraps.  All info is right on the pattern. I love that if you're using jelly roll strips, it only needs 16 strips.  Often times I'll make another pattern (like this one) and have some JR strips leftover.  Usually I cut them up into 2.5" squares and save them for another purpose, but they'd be perfect for a quilt like this one!

Want more?  You might also like these!  Click on the photo to go to the free pattern.

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  1. Thank you for the free pattern. I have made your Charming Lucy one many times. It is so fast and easy.

  2. THANK YOU for sharing! Such a cute Quilt!

  3. Thank you for these lovely pattens. I am flying east to spend the Christmas holidays with my sister and othe relatives. I might be able to sew up one or two of these to take as gifts. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Thank you Andy, the one I was just looking for 😍

  5. box isn't allowing a download. I am going to try again another day! It's a great pattern, I hope I can get it to work soon!

  6. I’m looking to make this pattern for a new baby but I can not download it from box except in a miniature version. Any ideas how to obtain it so I can see it?

    1. Hi Dwbuckie
      Thanks for your comment - I'm going to email you a copy of the PDF and you can download and print from there.

    2. I also cannot download, can you please send me the PDF also. Thank you, I love the patterns, am trying to get some baby quilts ahead for Great Grandchildren...someday.


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