Friday, November 25, 2016

Five Friday Favorites: Sources for Quilt Block Patterns

A few weeks ago I shared my favorite free quilt block tutorials.  And this week I'm sharing another great resource - my favorite places to find new block patterns and tutorials!

Sources for quilt block patterns and tutorials

If you're doing a swap, belong to a bee, or need to contribute a block to a charity quilt, having a go-to list of sources is really helpful!  These are my top 5 resources when I'm searching for new blocks, or old favorite blocks!

#1:  Quilter's Cache

Quilter's Cache - a great resource for quilt block patterns

This site has been around for a long time and is a fantastic resource for finding quilt block ideas.  Years ago when I was involved in several online quilting bees, most of us would use Quilter's Cache as our resource for coming up with new ideas for the group.

The blocks are organized both alphabetically and also by size.  so the tricky thing is that if you're not sure what the name of a block is, then you could spend some time searching for just what you want.  But that's not always a bad thing, right?  As I'm searching for a certain block I inevitably find a few others to add to my 'must make' list!

#2:  Fave Quilts
Fave Quilts - a great resource for quilt block patterns

I like to peruse Fave Quilts both when I'm looking for quilt block tutorials AND when I'm looking for full quilt tutorials.  This is a great site to bookmark.  I love that there are actual photos of most blocks (not just diagrams) and the link on each block takes you to the blog where the tutorial can be found.  I've discovered some fantastic new-to-me blogs this way too!

#3:  McCall's Quilting

McCall's Quilting - a great resource for quilt block patterns

I recently discovered this site and quickly added a few of these blocks to my wish list.  For all of the blocks there's a way to download and print the instructions, or you can just view it on the site.  They have great diagrams to step you through making each block.  And some of the quilt blocks have links to the full quilt pattern!

#4:  Generations Free Quilt Block Patterns Library

Generations free quilt block patterns library

Yet another great resource!  All of the blocks in this collection are organized alphabetically and from I can tell from the ones I've done, they include the math for other block size variations.  So helpful!  

#5:  Pinterest

Pinterest - a great resource for finding new quilt block tutorials

I know.  I should have had Pinterest listed as #1, right?  It really is where I turn first when I'm searching for a block pattern or tutorial.  I have one Pinterest board dedicated just to quilt blocks that I like, and want to make some day.  The one down side to Pinterest is that occasionally I find a great block, click on the link and there's no link to a pattern or tutorial-- or even a name for the block.  It's just a photo.  That can be frustrating and then I have to spend more time hunting down the information.  It's still a good source of inspiration (and eye candy!)  

Do you have other sources for quilt block patterns?  I'd love to hear them!  Where do you go when you're needing a new quilt block idea?   

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