Monday, November 2, 2015

Play Ball Baby Quilt

Along with trying to finish up all of my WIPs (Works in Progress) this year, I’m also making an effort to use up more of my stash as well.  This quilt is made from the leftovers of a larger quilt I made earlier this year

Play Ball Baby Quilt

I’ve done this a few times (here for example) and I find that I love the challenge!  I lay out all of the leftover pieces and do a little math to figure out how I can make that into another quilt.  This one was pretty straightforward – with some four patch blocks mixed in with some squares. 

Play Ball baby quilt

The backing is mostly a solid, but I did have a strip of this print so I added it in.  Pieced backs are so fun!

Play Ball baby quilt

The finished quilt measures 39.5” x 44.5” and I added it to my ETSY shop so it can find a new home and make some little boy really happy.  I also have a few other finished quilts listed there as well (underneath each photo is a link to the original blog post and the ETSY listing).

Crayon Commute Quilt
Crayon Commute Quilt // Blog Post // ETSY Listing

Lucky Nines quilt
Lucky Nines Quilt // Blog Post  // ETSY Listing

Run the Numbers quilt
Run The Numbers Quilt // Blog Post // ETSY Listing

Summertime Squares quilt
Summertime Squares Quilt // Blog Post // ETSY Listing


  1. Anyone is absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Beautiful Quilts. Love how you use up your scraps in such beautiful ways. Your free 'Charming Lucy' quilt pattern, has become a go-to pattern for me. Love how fast it goes together. Thank You!!

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