Sunday, July 21, 2013

Traveling and Re-Stashing

A few weeks ago we had a family reunion in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.  Have you been there?  Our reunion was right on the river and there was full of plenty of food, fun and stories.  Lots and lots of interesting stories!
We come from a long line of farmers and ranchers so when they set up activities for the little ones what else would they have but cattle ropin’ (hay bale style!) 

cattle ropin hay bale style!

This was a fairly large reunion, going back several generations starting with my great, great grandpa so there were plenty of stories to tell!

family reunion

In the hot afternoons we played in the river!  In several places there were hot springs that flowed right into the river and the big thing to do in town was to float down the river on tubes.  Our kids were happy just to play in the shallows and leave the river floating to others.  It sure looked fun though!  We hope to go back in a year or two when the kidlets are a bit older so we can do the river float too.

Lava Hot Springs river floating

On our way home from the reunion we stopped for a day at Bear Lake UT.  Such a pretty place!  This was taken from my car window as we drove away, but we really did stop to enjoy the lake.  And yes, it really is that blue!

Bear Lake Utah

After Bear Lake it was on to Logan UT where I absolutely had to stop at My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe.  I had met the shop owner and her sister at Quilt Market (delightful people!) and I’ve heard such great things about the shop.  It did not disappoint! 

My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe

The photo doesn’t do the shop justice – but I was too busy shopping to take any other pics.  I was pretty reserved in my shopping – just grabbed these two:

charm packs

…and a few FQ for some re-stashing:

stash building

I think it’s so fun to visit other people’s LQS (local quilt shops).  I think each one has it's own personality - especially the ones in smaller towns.  So here's my question:  If I came to your town, what would be the one shop you would recommend I stop by? 


  1. If you were to visit where I live on the Jersey Shore I would say to stop by Quilting Possibilities. Friendly staff and pretty fabrics, what more can you ask for :)

  2. Yes, I've been to Lava. We lived in Soda Springs for a few years. My son is working at Bear Lake this summer. We played in the lake when we took him there. It is pretty! I've been to that quilt store. Lots of fabric. Here by Boise, I would tell you to go to Quilt Expressions!


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