Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Too Cute to Spook

Too Cute to Spook fabric from Riley Blake

This afternoon I was working with this stack of cute Halloween fabrics.  They’re mostly from the Too Cute to Spook line from Riley Blake.  This project will eventually be a shop sample for the shop I work for but by the end of today it looked like this:

too cute to spook quilt

It’s a good start!  The backing will be green minky and I’m already a little panicky about what color I’ll use to quilt it.  Black?  I’m worried it might show on the backing.  Gray?  Does it stand out too much against all the black?  These are the silly things that a quilter’s nightmares are made of. 

As a side note, I had to take the photos above with my phone because this happened this past weekend:

Scratched camera lens

See that big ol’ scratch?  Ouch.  We were walking around being tourists in Manti UT this weekend, I had my camera slung over one shoulder, and I walked just a bit too close to a stone wall.  I was just sick about it for the rest of our trip.  We stopped by a local photography shop tonight and I was able to replace it for a lot less than I expected.  I also bought a UV filter for both of my lenses.  Now if I get a scratch, I replace the filter for $10 instead of replacing the lens (way more than $10).  Lesson learned!

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