Friday, November 2, 2012

November + Fabric Stack Friday

Remember how I was complaining about snow a week ago?  Well now my calendar tells me it’s November, but the thermometer outside tells me it’s August.  The kids are outside playing 4-square in shorts and t-shirts.  And I love it! 

I had a free hour this afternoon while my son was napping so I thought I would get a jump start on my November bee blocks

This month Amanda asked for some 8.5” square-in-square blocks using black, navy, teal, gray and white.  Here’s what I found in my scrap bins:

november bee blocks

And here are my two finished blocks:

november bee blocks 1

It’s nice to have something on my to-do list crossed off so early in the month!

Have a nice (sunny?) weekend everyone!


  1. We've enjoyed the beautiful weather too . . . so nice. Those are some beautiful colors.

  2. These are quite lovely. I like the colour combination ; )

  3. What fun blocks. They turned out wonderful I am sure your bee mate with will be very happy with it.


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