Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Two From the Stash

Sometimes when I finish a quilt project I have enough leftovers to possibly make another small quilt. So I keep the pile of leftovers together in a stack and save them for later. If they are smaller pieces I put them in a ziplock but for larger leftovers I can just fold them and stack them.  In my closet I have a whole shelf that is filled with stacks such as these.

This last weekend I pulled out two stacks of leftovers and put these two quilt tops together. The squares are cut at 6”.

This first quilt top measures 45” x 56” and is made from the remnants of the first queen sized quilt I ever made and one of the first quilts I blogged about!  I added some Kona Tarragon as well. 

Relief Society quilt top 1

This second quilt top measures 45” x 62”.  The fabrics from this one came from several different projects.  As I cut these squares and arranged them on the design wall I became a little worried about how this one would end up, but once I started getting the rows sewn together I decided I really, really liked it. 

Relief Society quilt top 2

Both of these quilt tops were used as part of a service project tonight at our church.  Our Relief Society had the goal to tie four quilts to give to some patients that visit a local dialysis center.  I wasn’t able to go tonight so I didn’t get to see the completed quilts, but I’m so happy to have been able to still participate in my own way!

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  1. It feels soooo good to use scraps! These two quilts are great!

  2. Two gorgeous quilts! It's so great to be able to use up leftover squares from other projects!

  3. They turned out great! Thanks for putting them together!


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