Friday, October 26, 2012

Gumballs for Halloween

gumballs quilt 1

Waaaay back in August I created this quilt to hang in The Fabric Mill as part of their Halloween display.

It’s a traditional “snowball” block, but once I got the quilt completed I decided that I’d call it “Gumballs” instead.  Back in August I couldn’t imagine having the words “snow” and “Halloween” in the same sentence.  Ha! The jokes on me, right?   What was I just saying about a part of me dying when the snow falls?  Yah, we got snow today. 

gumball quilt 2

This quilt measures 55” x 65” and I had a lot more fun making it than I thought I would.  I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween fabrics.  It helps that the greens and purples have been added into the mix with the blacks and oranges.  I really love the finished quilt.  I think that maybe I don’t love any of the Halloween fabrics on their own, but when combined with others then I like them?  Maybe?  I dunno.

gumball quilt 3

gumball quilt 4

For now the quilt is still hanging at the shop, but it will be nice to have next year to add to my still-growing collection of Halloween decorations.  So far this year I have this wall hanging (I wrote the tutorial for it here):

boo wall hanging 1

And this monster wreath which I found through Pinterest:


Now I have to stop worrying about decorations and start working on costumes.  As of tonight we have one kid decided on being Hawkeye and one not-so-decided on being skeleton/Buzz Lightyear/Mickey Mouse/zombie/nothing at all. 


  1. Beautiful quilt and amazing colours. I love the purple in it.

  2. So fun. And I love your monster wreath.

  3. You have spurred me on to make a snowball Christmas quilt! Love your Halloween Gumball quilt. Maybe I'll make one for next year? Good luck with the costumes!

  4. Very cute quilt and other goodies. Your stippling is perfect!

  5. Love your gumball quilt/ I made my first Halloween mini quilt this year. That pattern is really fun and I am thinking would be great for Christmas, too!


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