Monday, February 13, 2012


My Saturday project was finishing quilting this:

red aqua 1

Waaaaaayyyyy back in September 2009 I joined a red/aqua Disappearing Nine Patch swap.  This was one of the stacks of fabric I bought to use for the swap:

It was a fairly straightforward swap.  Each participant makes 25  nine patch blocks like this:


Then we cut each nine patch in half once vertically and once horizontally to create four blocks: 

disappearing nine patch 3

We mailed our cut blocks in to Jane.  She (somehow) shuffled all of the hundreds and hundreds of blocks up and then mailed us each back 100 blocks.  It was fun to get my stack in the mail and look through all of the interesting fabrics.  It took me a long time to decide just how I wanted to use my blocks.  For a traditional disappearing nine patch, you take the four blocks and swap two of them (top left and bottom right in this case).

disappearing nine patch 2

Then you sew them back together to create a larger block that looks something like this:

disappearing nine patch

You can create all sorts of interesting blocks depending on the placement of fabrics in the original nine patch block, and how you arrange the cut blocks in the last step.  I created a gallery in flickr to show some other disappearing nine patch quilts.  I also found a disappearing nine patch tutorial that uses the oh-so-convenient charm squares.

I chose to arrange my blocks in a different way.  I’ll show you the finished quilt soon.  I just need to recruit someone to hold it for me so I can get a decent photo.  My kids have no patience for quilt photography sessions.  Bribing them with chocolate doesn’t help.   

red aqua


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  2. You amaze me! I can help photograph any time. Just give me a call!

  3. I am working on the same quilt! I used 6 charm packs, it makes it go faster without all the cutting, but arranging the various prints can give you a headache. Can't wait to see your finished product.

  4. I'm at the FINAL quilting stage of my son's disappearing 9 patch in green, brown, and cammo flannel - He's so excited! Just wish we'd had a little "winter weather" here in Nor Cal this year so he'd appreciate it a little more! LOVE your aqua and red, though! My fav combination!

  5. I have one that I am working on with batiks called 'The Disappearing Rainbow'.

  6. Oh, I love that!! And doesn't it feel good to get that one finished? What are you using for the binding? It's adorable!!

  7. This type of fabric designs are really increase beauty in the rooms.We can use this type of designs in the home.I really inspire from this blog.


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