Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday’s Color Card

diary of a quilter grammys quilt palette
[photo taken by Amy Smart - found here]

My color inspiration for the week comes from a recent quilt from one of my favorite local quilters.  Amy Smart lives just a handful of miles from me and I’ve had the chance to meet her in person.  She’s as sweet as she is talented.  She blogs over at Diary of a Quilter, has some fabulous Pinterest boards, and an Etsy shop where she sells her patterns.

What I love about this quilt is that it’s just…… lovely!  She created it for her husband’s grandma and in Amy’s blog post she has a photo of Grammie.  I’m not sure if Amy even noticed, but the colors of the quilt come right out of that photo – the rosy tomatoes, the greens of the tomato plants – even the color of the house is so similar to the quilt’s background fabric. 

Sometimes it’s refreshing to step back from all of the modern, bold colors and prints that are out there and remember how pretty fabric can be.  Know what I mean?


  1. Thanks for sharing this quilt of Amy's. I like your comment about remembering how pretty fabric can be. After a while, the bold colors and free form styling of modern quilts can become overwhelming. This is like a fresh breath of sweet meadow air....

  2. A beautiful quilt, I'm with you, depending on your house style or even separate rooms need traditional colours not bold primary ones! Kx

  3. This is wonderful blog.I really like this blog for the beautiful quilt.It designs are depend on the house locations and style.This type of designs are look so wonderful n the home.


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