Thursday, July 19, 2018

Applique Tips + Splendid Sampler Block

Happy Thursday!  I wanted to talk about applique today for just a few minutes.  

And I have to start by admitting that applique used to intimidate me quite a bit.  But now I think it's kinda fun to try out different techniques and products!

Splendid Sampler quilt block made by Andy Knowlton of A Bright Corner.  She also shares a tips on applique!

First of all, you can find the free printable PDF pattern for this sweet block here.  

This is the next block from the Splendid Sampler II.  It's called Rose and Dot, and was designed by Lori Kennedy.  We're getting a head start with the first 20 blocks - all of them are being released for free!  After that, you'll need the book to keep sewing along with us.  But don't worry - you can pre-order the book here, and it will be conveniently shipped to you when it's released in October!

So.... back to my block.  I ended up using two different applique techniques on this little 6.5" block.

For the two circles, I used a product called Perfect Circles.  These are SO handy to have in your quilting toolbox!  I use them more often than I ever thought I would.  I have both the Perfect Circles and the Bigger Perfect Circles sets.  

To make the two circles for this block, I found the circle templates that matched the sizes of the circles in the block pattern.  

Quilting applique tips from A Bright Corner

Then I followed this tutorial from Buttontree Lane to make the circles.  She does a great job of demonstrating how to use these templates - with plenty of helpful photos!  Did you know these are heat resistant and you can iron the circles with the templates still inside?!?  Just make sure you use a medium setting and no steam!

For the leaves, I used a technique that Lori Holt likes to use a lot.  You can see a sample of her technique here.  It uses some lightweight interfacing, and instead of using the plastic shapes that she uses, I just traced the leaf shape from the block pattern right onto the interfacing using a pencil.

Quilting applique tips from A Bright Corner

I then continued following Lori's technique to stitch, clip, turn, and press each leaf shape.  

Once all of the pieces were placed onto the block background, I sat and watched a little Netflix as I hand stitched everything down.  You could also just do a simple machine stitching around the outside of each piece too - no judgement here!  Do what works for you!

Splendid Sampler quilt block made by Andy Knowlton of A Bright Corner.  She also shares a tips on applique!

As a final note, I shared a different applique technique for making circles here, that uses aluminum foil (of all things!)  It's become one of my favorite ways to make circles.  You could use that technique with the circles on this block too.  

Splendid Sampler quilt block made by Andy Knowlton of A Bright Corner.  She also shares a tips on applique!

If you're sewing along with us in the Splendid Sampler, be sure to add your block on the Splendid Sampler blog, and also in the group Facebook page. It's so fun to see everyone's version of each block!  

And if you are thinking of joining in, it's not too late!  You can find links to all of the past blocks on the blog here.  

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Me encanta esta idea.
    Debe ser perfecta para un cojín de niña.
    Lo intentaré después de terminar el proyecto en que estoy... Una colcha de trapo usando mezclilla de unos vaqueros que tenía guardados... Este es mi primer proyecto en verdad... Me tiene muy expectante.


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