Friday, April 29, 2016

Five Friday Favorites: Mother's Day Gift Ideas

5 favorite Mother's Day gift ideas from A Bright Corner

Mother's day is around the corner so for today's Five Friday Favorites post I'm sharing (my current) favorite Mother's Day gift ideas!

#1:  Big Blue Ikea Bag

What mom wouldn't want a huge (but cute) bag to haul stuff around in?  I've had this bag pinned on one of my boards for awhile now and just recently got around to trying it out.  There's a free pattern download which you can print out at home.  It took just a few minutes to tape the pattern pieces together and cut out the bag.  I chose to use a heavy cotton fabric.  I found the one I wanted in the "outdoor fabric" section of JoAnn.  Very durable, and still cotton so it sews nicely and irons nicely.  Plus it was 50% off.  Win/win!

The pattern is easy to follow, and from start to finish the bag took about 30 minutes to make.  I gave it as a gift and the mom was so excited about it!  She said she keeps one of the blue plastic Ikea bags in her trunk and uses it for all sorts of things.  Now she can swap out the blue one for a cute, original one!

#2:   Apron in a Jar

Some moms are apron wearers, and some aren't.  I used to be, but I just don't wear them much anymore.  However, my mom loves aprons and I have friends and other family that love their aprons.  And I love giving aprons as gifts!  There are a ton of great apron tutorials out there, and any of them would be cute rolled up and delivered in a mason jar.  The apron in this tutorial is a store-bought one that you can spend a few minutes to customize with a raw-edge applique.

#3:  Vinyl Project Bags

A friend of mine made a set of these for herself and loves them!  She made some smaller sizes for notions and quilting tools, and then some larger ones (like 14" x 16") for quilting projects.  The large size bags hold quilt blocks and allow them to stay nice and flat while being stored.  These bags would also make great purse inserts (you can see what's in there!), travel bags for make up or jewelry, or a case for art supplies (imagine a smaller bag filled with pretty colored pencils.)  Click here for tutorial.

#4:  Fabric Drawstring Bags

Not a lot of time to make a handmade gift?  These drawstring bags are quick to whip up, and are a thoughtful way to "wrap" a store bought item.

#5:  Sugar Scrub

Pineapple + coconut?  Yes please!  I once had someone give me a container of sugar scrub and I absolutely loved it.  This is a fun, tropical scented scrub and on Pinterest you can find other recipes to suit the recipient!  (lavender, lemon, pink lemonade, lemongrass + ginger)

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