Friday, January 15, 2016

Five Friday Favorites: Favorite Valentine's Day Projects

Five Friday Favorites

We are on week 2 of Five Friday Favorites!  This week I'm sharing my 5 favorite Valentiny-ish tutorials.  I know the big day is still a month away, but I figure if I start now, I might just get some of these done! 

#1:  Heart quilt (uses charm squares!)
I'm always on the lookout for new ways to use charm squares (5" squares), and this one is pretty clever.  The tutorial uses layer cake squares (10" squares) and cuts them down into 4 charm squares.  But how fun would it be to use all charm squares and make the hearts scrappy?


And I love this non-Valentiny version made by Christie Hurst.

Simple Heart Quilt Tutorial found on Missouri Star Quilt Co.
[Photo from Missouri Quilt Co Blog]

#2: Pixelated Heart Mini Quilt 
A local quilt group I attend (as often as I'm able!) made these cute pixelated heart mini quilts last year.  I had to miss that month's meeting, and since then I've been wanting to make my own.  Amber (Gigi's Thimble patterns, A Little Bit Biased Blog) blogged about hers last March.  I love that she used non-Valentines colors on hers. If/when I do get around to making one, I think I'll do the same! 

Pixelated Heart Mini Quilt by Amber Johnson (A Little Bit Biased)
[photo from Amber's blog post

#3:  Sweetheart Zip Pouch
Each year by the time I finish helping my kids work on their valentines, it's too late for me to work on any for me.  I really intend every year to make a couple of thoughtful, handmade gifts to give to a friend or two - just to show my appreciation for their friendship.  Really.  Adults deserve valentines too, right?  Well, I'm hoping to make a couple of these sweet zip pouches this year!  You can find the tutorial here from the super-talented Melissa (

Sweetheart Zip Pouch Tutorial by Melissa Mortenson
[photo from]

#4:  Valentine Pillow
With my house being filled with boys, I don't tend to use a lot of pinks and frills in our decor.  So this Valentine Pillow would work out nicely on our sofa.  I made this one last year as a tutorial for Thermoweb, and I have it on display now but it's a bit lonely.  I think this cute heart bunting pillow would go nicely with it!  Tutorial by Amy Smart (

Valentine Throw Pillow tutorial by Amy Smart
[photo from]

#5:  Valentine Free Printable
Now I know this doesn't really count as a "project" but honestly sometimes I just need a quick way to spruce up a space.  Swapping out a photo for a cute printable like this one is right up my alley.  Follow this link to find the link to the free printable on 

Free Valentine's Day printable
[photo from]

So there's my top 5!  I had a hard time choosing just 5 for this week.  I have my other favorites saved here on a Valentine's Day Pinterest board.  What did we ever do before Pinterest??

Valentine's Day Pinterest board

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  1. Great collection of Valentine projects. Thanks for compiling and sharing. The heart zipper pouch is super cute.


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