Friday, May 1, 2015

Scrappy Strawberry

Have you heard about Lori Holt’s new book, Farm Girl Vintage?  I’ve seen bits of it here and there around Instagram but it wasn’t until I saw it in person and had a friend show me how awesome it is that I had to buy it for myself. 

Farm Girl Vintage book

There are a few projects in the book that are now on my to-do list, but one little block went immediately to the top of the list -

Scrappy Strawberry block 4

I just thought this little strawberry block was so sweet!  I pulled out my bin of 2.5” squares and found my favorite reds along with a few greens.  It didn’t take me long to make the one block. 

Scrappy Strawberry block 3

I quilted it last night, and bound it this morning while I caught up on some podcasts.

Scrappy Strawberry block 2

Sometimes these quick little projects are so fun.  It’s nice to start and finish something in the same week :)

Scrappy Strawberry block

The finished block measures 12” and I added a 2” border all the way around to frame it up. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great Friday (yay for Friday!) and if you haven’t had a chance to enter the book giveaway on my last post, be sure to click back and leave a comment.  Giveaway ends on Monday!

Oh and Lori is doing a Farm Girl Vintage sew along - you can join in over on her blog!  It will be fun to see what everyone creates!


  1. very cute strawberry mini!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. So cute! I'll be picking up my book tomorrow.

    You mentioned podcasts. Care to share what you listen to?

  4. Great way to celebrate Summer!


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