Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sew Pretty for Little Girls Blog Hop

Sew Pretty for Little Girls blog hop

I recently had the chance to review Alice Caroline’s new book, Sew Pretty for Little Girls.  Just like her pretty shop, this book is filled with Liberty fabric loveliness!

Sew Pretty for Little Girls book by Alice Caroline

The book is organized into three sections (Blissful Bedrooms, Twirly Girly Garments, Pretty Little Things) and has over 20 different projects.

Sew Pretty for Little Girls book Liberty fabric

Now wait- before you go asking what a mom like me (with my two boys) is doing with a book about sewing for girls, let me just tell you that there’s PLENTY of projects in this book that would be easy to boy-ify –- like a child-size quilt, throw pillows, a fun big floor cushion, duvet and pillow set, pencil cases, drawstring bags, and these fun fabric baskets (called the Isabel Basket)!

Sew Pretty  for Little Girls book fabric baskets

I think my oldest son could use one of these (without the handles) for all of his charging cables and plugs.  Those things are always a tangled mess on the floor.  I think I’ll use some of this ninja star fabric for the outside of the basket:

Year of the Ninja fabric from Riley Blake

And one of these drawstring bags would be great for carrying soccer cleats and a jersey to and from games on Saturday. 

Drawstring bag from Sew Pretty for Little Girls book

I wanted to give a friend a sweet treat the other day and needed a little something extra to go with it so I made one of the Isabel Baskets -

Fabric Basket pattern from the Sew Pretty for Little Girls book

This is the smaller sized basket (instructions for a larger size are also given) and I left the handles off so she could use it in a drawer as an organizing bin if she chose. 

While I was taking these photos I realized that the larger basket with handles would make a really cute Easter basket!  

Sew Pretty for Little Girls book

You can find Alice’s book here (a signed copy!), or here.  It’s also available as an ebook- no need to pay for shipping!

Here at this post at Stitch Craft Create, you can see the other stops along the blog hop – one every day for the month of March! 



  2. Cute! And I love that a mom of boys reviewed it!


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