Tuesday, May 20, 2014

American Made Brand Cotton Solids

 So I’m a gardener.  Did I ever mention that?  I love growing things.  Usually by about February I have my garden for that year all planned out.  I’d have a sketch of what will be planted where, I’d have my seeds selected and figured out the dates when each thing should be planted.  I love every step of that process.

American Made Brand fat quarters

Not so much this year.  It’s already nearing the end of May and I have just recently started thinking about what I’m going to plant.  It’s just one of those years.  I did buy a tomato plant the other day, but I didn’t get it in the ground soon enough, nor did I bother to water it.  So I’m fairly sure that it’s dead now.  I have planted some onions and some carrots so far and they’re doing well.  I really do love to grow things.

About a month or so ago I heard about this new American Made Brand of cotton solids from Clothworks.  I was very interested.  As you can see here on their website, this is All-American fabric – not just made here, but grown here as well.  That completely appeals to me. 

I’ve had a fat quarter stack of American Made Brand solids waiting for me in my sewing room for a couple of weeks.  It was just so pretty- I had to let it sit there as I thought about what the perfect project would be.  I love those vibrant colors! 

American Made Brand fat quarters

And now, I finally decided on how I’d like to use that fat quarter stack.  Yesterday I pulled out some low volume prints to go along with the solids:

Low Volume fabric stack

And I finally cut into those fat quarters!

American Made Brand solids

I’ve set aside some time on Wednesday to start piecing these into squares.  If you follow me on Instagram you might catch a sneak peek or two! 

To read more about American Made Brand fabrics go here, here or here.

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