Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Little Here and A Little There

Not a lot of sewing going on around here lately and it’s kind of bumming me out.  I feel like all I’ve been doing lately is sweeping the floor (where DO all of those crumbs come from??) and working on the computer.  It starts to feel so much like a big ol’ pile of busy work.  I do try to sneak away to my sewing room as much as I can to get something done.  But that's just not happening much lately.  So on Monday I intentionally set aside an afternoon to do an eentsy weentsy bit of sewing. 

I had both December’s and January’s bee blocks to work on for Imagine (Do Good Stitches) – nothing like a deadline to get a person going, right?

December bee blocks for Imagine DGS

These two blocks were fun to do and took a lot less time than I though they would.  The block is called “Weathervane” and the tutorial is by Elizabeth Dackson (found here.)

This block below was made at the request of Toni who asked for one 21” square in square block.  Boy I sure do love the simplicity of this. 

January bee block for Imagine DGS

Alrighty then.  All caught up on bee blocks and time to finish up some quilting!  Oh wait, it looks like the floor needs to be swept again. 

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  1. What fun blocks. I love the simplicity of the last one.


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