Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jack’s Blocks: take 4

 I don’t think I’ll ever tire of making quilts from my Jack’s Blocks pattern.  This one is the fourth I’ve made and it’s also my favorite.  Of course, the most recently made quilt is always my favorite!

Jack's Blocks quilt from A Bright Corner (pattern available!)

Photographing quilts is one of my biggest challenges.  Just the size of the quilts can be problematic.  This one wasn’t so bad because I didn’t have to stand on a chair to hold it up and the width was about as far as my arms could stretch. 

Then lighting can be tricky as well as the environment.  Windy days are my nemesis.  I decided to photograph this quilt indoors to keep things simple. 

Jack's Blocks quilt from A Bright Corner (pattern available!)

My living room gets pretty decent afternoon light, but I do have to move a few things around to make room.  For instance, there’s a blue bookshelf that normally sits right where this chair is.  It’s easy to slide around though – so I do.  All. the. time.  

In the photo below I just had to crop out all of the stuff that would be distracting – like the vacuum cord layin' around on the left and the big pile of shoes on the right. 

Jack's Blocks quilt from A Bright Corner (pattern available!)

For a quilt like this I would normally spend about 20 minutes taking photos – that is if I have to hold it myself.  It’s a lot faster (and a lot less work!) if I have a helper.  I took 36 photos, and from that batch I got thirteen that I was happy with.

Jack's Blocks quilt from A Bright Corner (pattern available!)

This quilt is now visiting my local quilt shop where he’ll be a display quilt for a few months.  The Jack’s Blocks pattern can be found here, here and here

If you make one (or have already made one) I’d love to see it!  You can email me a link to your blog, tag me in Instagram or if you’re on flickr then add your pics to my Sewing With A Bright Corner group

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  1. This is a gorgeous quilt - lovely bright fabric choices :)

  2. Another great quilt and nice floor by the way!

  3. I love how this turned out and the bright colors look fantastic!


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