Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Doodle Stitching

A few weeks ago I decided to try my hand at embroidery.  Well, try my hand again.  I vaguely remember doing a bit of embroidery when I was younger – something on a tea towel maybe?  I can’t remember exactly.  So one day I was killing time in my local JoAnns and came across this sweet book:

Doodle Stitching embroidery book

Of course I didn’t have a coupon with me (I always forget them!) but I bought the book anyway, as well as some embroidery floss and a small hoop. 

It didn’t take me long to decide which little design I wanted to try first.  I used the enclosed CD to get the image on my computer and enlarge it to the size I wanted.  I used a  blue (water soluble) marking pen (and the window) to trace the image onto a piece of Kona White from my scrap bin. 


Then I got to work.  My 5 year old “helper” decided he should unwrap the floss and throw away the “wrappers” so I now have no idea what colors I used. 


In the book, Aimee shows all of the needed stitches with easy-to-follow diagrams and descriptions.  For this project I think I only used two or maybe three different stitches and once I got going it was really easy – and really relaxing!

When it was finished I decided to turn the little embroidery piece into a 12” mini quilt and hang it on this Ackfeld Wire table stand. 

bird embroidery block on an Ackfeld Wire stand

Have you seen these table stands? My mom sent it to me for my birthday and I love it – it’s the perfect size for a mini quilt and it fits so nicely on my top shelf in my sewing room.  

bird embroidery block on an Ackfeld Wire stand

It was nice to do some hand work for a change and take a step back from some of my larger projects.  Do you do embroidery?  What do you do with the final project?  Pillows?  I want to do more but I’m just not sure what I would DO with it!

By the way, you can see more of Aimee Ray here in her shop and on her blog.


  1. Love it! And love it as a mini on the stand! I've been doing a lot of embroidery lately, I really enjoy it. I remember today that I have some Solvy somewhere in my sewing room that I need to use to stabilize it.

  2. So cute! I have that book . . . guess it's time to pull it out again. I've had my girls do embroidery on aprons, shirts and pants, adds a cute little touch.

  3. Great job on your embroidery. That is precious! c.teasley@yahoo.com

  4. Very lovely and reminds me of spring! Great job and the stand is just so neat! Never seen one of those before and it's perfect to display your beautiful embroidery. I haven't done any for a long time but I do have a project that I'll be doing some on little hexies. Looking forward to that.

  5. It's adorable! Love the stand! Where might I find one?

    1. My mom bought this one in her LQS but it looks like you can also get them right from Ackfeld Wire!


  6. It's the sweetest thing ever!

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