Sunday, January 6, 2013

More Jumble

I was talking to a friend today about the Jumble quilt pattern and she got me thinking…

So I did a few calculations and figured out that the pattern is layer cake friendly and from one layer cake you can make either TWO throw size quilts or ONE twin size quilt!  For anyone who may be interested, here are some details. 

First of all, here is how I suggest cutting each layer cake square (10”x 10”)

If you take a look at the quilt pattern you’ll see that for each quilt block you need the following pieces:

1 (white) 3.5” square
4 (white) 2” x 6.5”
8 (white) 2” x 2.5”
8 (white) 2” x 5.5”
2 (fabric A) 2” x 3.5”
2 (fabric A) 3.5” x 6.5”
2 (fabric A) 2” x 6.5”
4 (fabric B,C,D,E) 2.5” square

In the diagram above you are able to cut all of the “fabric A” needed pieces from the 10” x 10” square.  You’ll have to add more fabric for the 2.5” corner pieces (a coordinating solid would be cute!)  and for the white (background) portion of the blocks. 

If your layer cake has 42 squares in it, you’ll be able to make a quilt that measures 72” x 84” – that’s a generous sized twin.  If your layer cake only has 40 squares, you can purchase one coordinating fat quarter to make up for those other two squares, or you can just make a slightly smaller quilt – say 5 blocks across and 7 blocks down.  That would need only 35 layer cake squares and makes a quilt that is 60” x 84”.  Still a nice size. 

jumble quilt top

I’ll add these layer cake cutting instructions to the pattern soon.  Pattern is updated!  I love finding uses for pre-cuts!  Thanks for the idea Deby!


  1. Love this pattern. Thanks for making it layer cake friendly!

  2. I've definitely added the jumble pattern on my to make list!! So fun!

    Also, I nominated your blog for a little blogging award on mine! :)

  3. So cute and what a great use of a layer cake. Thank you!


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