Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday’s Color Card

triangles palette 2

This week’s color inspiration comes from a photo of a quilt that I pinned yesterday.  I actually had two of this quilter’s work pinned and I didn’t even realize it!  Her name is Concha Cabral and she lives across the sea in England. 

I love these colors – they are so calming.  The green grass is particularly appealing to me right now too, since nearly everything outside my house is either gray or brown.  Winter is too long. 

You really must go and see some of Concha’s work.  Her photography is beautiful!  Here is a link to her Flickr stream, and her blog.


  1. Love these color cards. Keep them coming!!!

  2. MMMM pretty, I've wanted to make a green and blue quilt for ages.

  3. How do you make these color cards?


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