Monday, February 27, 2012

One Source of Inspiration

My oldest son recently became the proud owner of a 3DS.  The 3DS comes in fun colors:

Flame Red, Cosmo Black, Pearl Pink (not pictured) and Aqua Blue.  From the first moment he saw it, the Aqua Blue 3DS was calling his name.  Loudly. 

He loves everything about his DS, but one of his favorite things is the color.  So when it came time to update his room (he’s had the same paint, curtains & quilt for 6 years now) he knew EXACTLY what he wanted.  Aqua Blue.  More specifically, he wanted everything to be aqua.  Well, he had to make some tough compromises, but in the end he is happy with the result. 

The walls are painted a fantastic gray, and furniture is back in place.  The curtains are under construction as is the quilt.  For the quilt I chose these:

 aqua and gray

Last week I found an old sketch I had made a year or so ago for a pattern that never made it past the idea phase.  It worked perfectly for what I had envisioned for this quilt.

It came together quickly and Friday night I finished piecing the quilt top.  

aqua and gray cut 1

Tonight I’ll hopefully have some time to load it and start the quilting. 

aqua and gray sewing 1

And the pattern will soon be written.  It is next in line, anyway!


  1. Can't wait to see the finished room with curtains and quilt in place.

  2. Like the sneak peak. Can't wait to see the finished room =D

  3. Hello,

    I have been trying to send an email your way in order to ask you some questions regarding your Zoo Dewellers quilt pattern, but I didn't see where an email was available. If you could please let me know where best to send questions.

  4. Sorry Tifanie - I just sent you an email. I also added my email address to my "about me" page and to the sidebar over on the right.

  5. Hi, did you get my emails I sent yesterday?


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