Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Nameless WIP

Sometimes I know immediately what I’m going to name a quilt.  Sometimes I have no idea.  Why does a quilt need a name, anyway?  I feel they do.  Not sure why.  This quilt currently has no name.  I’m open for suggestions. 

This is a quilt that I’ve been working on here and there over the past few months.  The little stack of 3.5” squares stayed on my table and when I had a few spare minutes I would make a 9-patch block and add it to the pile.

 nine patch hoos 2

I was able to finish up all of the blocks and get them pieced together over New Year’s weekend. 

9 patch owls 1

The quilt top is done, and I already have the backing and the binding.  I’m just waiting (not so patiently) for an order of Warm & White to arrive in the mail  so I can finish this!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. "Wheels on the bus"? The center part could be a center of a wheel and then it looks like the tires are going round and round, like wheels on the bus. (It's a stretch, I know)

    Or how about 'Hoot, Hoot' quilt because of the owls.

    I'm still thinking.....

  2. Beautiful! The orange is the perfect pop of color.

  3. Your quilt top is so pretty! I like the orange centers!

  4. Humm, how about "Whooo Loves you" for the quilt name, Love it by the way!! Happy and fun quilt.

  5. Crazy patch is one of my most favorite modern designs. Your fabric picks are fabulous. 'Wooo' doesn't like owls? =)

  6. Oh goodness me, that's blocks not crazy patch. Sorry, I was too quick to tell you how much I loved it. And I do!

  7. Aw. That is an adorable quilt. :0)


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