Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Planning Stage

Tonight I spent an hour or so in the planning stage of a new quilt.  I love this part – pure creativity.  I open Adobe Illustrator and just mess around in it for awhile.  I knew I wanted to try another version of this quilt – with white background fabric and a little more openness.  This is what I ended up with tonight:
  stars abound final

Each star block is finished at 8.5” just like in the first version.

Version 2 has the same number of stars as the version 1 quilt:

olivesmomma 3

…but with the stars spread out a little, it makes a toddler size quilt into a throw size.  Perfect! 

Usually at this point I do all of the math to figure out how much fabric I need.  Then I print out the “sketch” of the quilt, along with the fabric requirements list and put it in a folder.  Then the folder and I head to the fabric store to find some inspiration.  This time I found what I needed online – awesome. 

I found these fabrics on sale – a great sale too!  [here]  Now I just have to wait for it all to arrive in the mail!

   tidbits and treasures

The quilt will eventually end up in the shop.  As I work on it, I’ll post photos of it’s progress and (of course) the completed quilt before it finds a new home.


  1. I love those colors!!! Are they all from the same line? Looks like it will be an awesome quilt!

  2. Aren't they great? Yes, it's the Treasures and Tidbits line by Robert Kaufman.

  3. Will the new quilt have a bigger middle part of the star like in your drawing? It makes the stars look more star like, I like it!

  4. Impressive! Reminds me of a quilt I blogged about on Monday. Similar, but different. I love the fun of planning and creating quilty things! (And for me, the chance to make & sell something just means I get to do more creating, which is great!)


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