Saturday, April 16, 2011


quilt on chair1

So this is technically not a recently finished quilt.  It’s been done for months, but I haven’t listed it in my shop because I have struggled to get some photos that I’m satisfied with.  It's caused me quite a bit of trouble, really.  I’m not quite sure why this quilt in particular was so much more challenging.  The front of the quilt always came out quite florescent looking (ew) and the back just the opposite.  I'm hoping all of you photography pros will just tell me that orange is a difficult color to photograph and then I can move on. 

Last week I tried again and finally got some great photos (despite the wind).

 battling the wind1

[This is me laughing because of the trouble the wind was causing.]

My inspiration for this quilt came from my favorite summertime treat – creamsicles.  Around here they’re called creamies.  Orange on the outside, creamy vanilla in the center – so delicious!

 creamsicles with flowers

The back is my favorite – so lovely and simple.

I went for a simple binding as well – just the solid orange.  Is that orange?  Or would you call it peach?  It’s not salmon….  I’m not even sure what to call that.  It’s delightful.  That’s what that is.

Creamsicles is now listed for sale in the shop!  Quilt is now sold, but I'm happy to do a custom order if you'd like one too!

[edited to add]

I had a request for a full-view photo of this quilt.  Here you go!


  1. Your quilt is making me hungry. Love seeing a photo of you, too. You don't age AT ALL!

  2. Talented - talented - talented!! I LOVE this quilt, I don't think I'd ever get out of bed or off the couch if I could wrap up in it lol!


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