Sunday, March 20, 2011

A New Toy

She’s finally up and running!  After some trial and error regarding thread (a lot of breaking threads, and me nearly tearing my hair out) I am finally able to use my new quilting frame. 

I’m absolutely in love with my sewing machine.  For years I’ve been using a small-ish Brother that I bought from Costco.  It worked beautifully and did nearly everything I pushed it to do.  All of my quilts up to this point were sewn AND quilted on that little workhorse.  She’s been put out to pasture now though, only to be called upon for a random button hole or two.

I’ve moved up to the Juki TL-2010Q and the speed is amazing.  The first time stitched at full speed I laughed out loud.  I think my kids thought I had gone insane.  Yes, it was THAT kind of laugh. 
Just in case anyone else has thread breakage issues with their Juki – the thread I found that worked the best is Signature.  One local quilt shop recommended Star brand but it was the worst of all of them.  So I guess I’m a Signature girl now!  


  1. That. is. awesome. I'm green with envy. ;)

  2. Spoken in my best Napoleon accent, "LUCKY!" Enjoy, my friend.

  3. WOW Andy! I should have ran downstairs and taken a peek. I want to see it in action.

  4. I'd love to know where you purchased your Juki. I can't find a local dealer here in Colorado, but I come through Utah several times a year on my way to Boise.

  5. Oops forgot to click on "email follow up comments."


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