Friday, March 25, 2011

My Little Trick

I’ve had this quilt in my “favorites” for awhile now, and today I pulled some fabric from my stash to make a similar quilt.  The squares are cut at 6” and the rectangles are cut at 3” x 6”. 

I got everything cut out rather quickly, but then started to worry about the gray squares I had added.  I put it up on the design wall and stood back to look at it.  Still not sure about it. 

[quilt layout option #1]

So I replaced the gray squares with the umbrella print and (again) stood back to take a look.  I had mixed feelings about them both.  So then I pulled out my camera.  This is a little trick I use when I can’t decide about a quilt layout -  I take photos of the quilt on the design wall and then go and look at them on my computer.  There’s something about doing it that way that helps give a bit of perspective or something.  It helps me to step back and get a good look at how everything is working (or not working!) together.

 [quilt layout option #2]

After photographing both layout options and then viewing them on my computer I have a definite favorite.  I won’t say which one, because I’m curious if any of you have a preference?  Any thoughts? 

Oh and FYI, where you see white (from my wall) that will be white fabric.


  1. I like the one with gray squares . . . it's less busy and allows the prints to really stand out. Looks great!

  2. My vote is for option #1. CUTE!

  3. Option 1. #2 is too busy.

    Love this fabric, will soon be cutting into mine....

  4. I like option #2.

    Here's another thing I do. If I'm not sure I like something I'm working on, I stand in front of a mirror and hold it up - you get a completely different perspective. I had a quilt top completely pieced and didn't think I liked it. As I was walking into another room to get something, I saw it reflected in a mirror and had a totally different view of it and fell in love. Try it!

  5. That is such a brilliant trick! I'm always amazed at how differently my quilts look when I pull up the pictures of them on the computer. I'm going to try that one - esp the next time I'm undecided.

  6. My vote is for option #2. I don't like the large grey blocks as much.

  7. Option 2 definitely! It's so much more interesting and exciting!


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