Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Two quilts “in progress”…

This one has been basted, quilted and is in the binding stage.  My two year old can’t hardly wait for it to be done. 

This one is on the design wall.  I acquired these green plaids last year at a garage sale and got a killer deal - free!  With all of the different plaids and shades of green, I thought I would keep this quilt fairly straightforward by keeping them in large blocks and sashing them in a Kona Khaki.  So far, not too bad.  Not really my style though.


I’m a little worried about how this will wash up once it’s finished.  There’s a variety of fabrics – some homespuns, a few obviously cheapo fabrics (those are always trouble for me) and then some better quality cottons.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed, and definitely using a color catcher or two.


  1. The robots are super cute. I have a few of those prints...need to find me a little boy to quilt for!


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