Monday, November 1, 2010

A Hidden Gem

This afternoon I was looking through my closet for some red scraps and I found a stack of strips:

This was a table topper I had started last year and wasn’t able to finish it before Christmas.  I had stacked the strips in order and carefully rolled them up. 

Lucky me, I found them today.  I laid them out, stitched them up and 10 minutes later I had myself a quilt top.  I even found enough kona snow for the backing.  Now I just need a piece (about 36x45) of batting and I’m ready to finish this thing.  I figure my chances are pretty good this year considering it’s only November 1st. 

Bring on the holidays!


  1. What a super discovery! It will look fabulous on your table.

  2. Good find! I always leave $20 in my winter coat pocket to find when the snow flies...funny how I am still surprised every year? I love that happy feeling of rediscovery! Maybe I should stuff some fabric in my pocket this spring instead??

  3. How is this going? I can't wait to see it done.


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