Pattern Updates

I do my best to catch any errors on my patterns but I'm human just like you and we all make mistakes!  Any errors will be listed and corrected here on this page.  As soon as errors are found, I correct them for future printings and PDF files.

Jack's Blocks

The throw size cutting instructions for print 4 (dark blue) should read:

In an early printing of Jack's Blocks the cutting instructions for twin and queen size were swapped.  The TWIN size cutting instructions should begin:

and the QUEEN size cutting instructions should begin:


Also on QUEEN size cutting instructions page, the fourth paragraph should read:


The fabric requirements for crib size should read:  "7/8 yard solid white"


The queen size cutting instructions for jelly roll strips should read:
"If using jelly roll strips, cut each strip into 7 @ 2.5" x 5.5" (need 196 total)

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