Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Coral and Gray Scrappy Quilt + Season to Taste Book

 There's been some scrappy sewing around here lately.  After all of the reds and greens of the holiday season I sure was ready for a new color palette!

Scrappy gray and coral quilt by Andy Knowlton of A Bright Corner - pattern is from the book Season to Taste

After auditioning some different color combos (green + yellow, navy + pink) I pulled these two stacks from my stash and they just clicked!

Coral and gray fabric scraps found on A Bright Corner blog - you have to see what she made with these

The pattern I used for my quilt is called Posy, and it's from the new book, Season to Taste by Jessica Dayon**. 

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Season to Taste quilt book by Jessica Dayon found on A Bright Corner blog

Season to Taste has twelve total projects, divided up by seasons - which I think is so clever! Each season has three unique projects, but they're not so specific that you can't use them year round for other projects. 

For instance, this quilt shown below is called Abloom, from the Spring section of the book. But wouldn't it make stunning Christmas quilt in reds and greens? Or a fun patriotic version for Summer in reds, whites, and blues? 

Abloom quilt by Jessica Dayon from her book, Season to Taste (Martingale publishing)
Image source: Jessica Dayon 

By the way, if you love that Abloom quilt, Jessica is hosting a quilt along right now - see details here

The Posy pattern that I used for my quilt is from the Spring chapter of the book and it calls for fat quarters and fat eighths.  It uses some speedy strip piecing techniques - which I'm a big fan of.

Scrappy gray and coral quilt by Andy Knowlton of A Bright Corner - pattern is from the book Season to Taste

The blocks look complicated, but with the strip piecing they really do come together fast!

Here's a view of my sewing space one afternoon when I was in the middle of block-making. I like to stack all of the pieces for each block together - so then I can just sit and sew for awhile, assembly line style.

A Bright Corner sewing room

While I was in the process of making this quilt I realized that most of my quilts lately have been from a single fabric line. There's nothing wrong with that, but I do forget how much fun it is to just be creative and play with different combinations from my own stash. 

I decided that I want to try to make a few more of these stash-only quilts this year!  

Scrap quilt in coral and gray made by Andy Knowlton of A Bright Corner - pattern from the book Season to Taste

The original Posy quilt pattern has two borders - a thin inside border and a wider outer border. I chose to just add one small border using the same background fabric as in the quilt. I was worried that a wider border with a print would draw attention away from the scrappiness of the quilt top.

Metropolis Fog Moda Grunge fabric - you have to see what she made with this Moda Grunge fabric!

Speaking of the background fabric, it's a new favorite of mine! It's a Moda Grunge called 'Metropolis Fog'. I love how much texture and character is has, and it just fits so well with all the gray that I used in this quilt. See it here at Fat Quarter Shop and here from Gardenia Fabrics on etsy.

(If this particular one is too grungy for you, I also really like one called 'White Paper'. It's a great white, with a more subtle grunge texture to it. See it here, and here.)

Gray gingham quilt backing and scrappy quilt top with Rolling Hills longarm quilting design

For the backing I found this super soft flannel at my local quilt shop. It's by Riley Blake Designs and it's called "Buffalo Check Gray". It just was MEANT to be on the back of this quilt, don't you think?  (Stitchesngiggles4U on etsy has some in their shop here.)

Scrappy coral and gray quilt by Andy of A Bright Corner - pattern from Season to Taste quilt book

Right now Jessica is hosting a book tour - follow along on Instagram: #seasontotastequiltbook to see some other projects from the book!

Quilt Details:
54" x 66"
Pattern: Posy - from the book, Season To Taste
Fabric: Various coral and gray prints from my stash and scrap bins

edited to add: the small gray gingham print used in each block is from the fabric line, Apricot and Ash by Corey Yoder (Moda Fabrics) and you can find it here from Fat Quarter Shop, here from Gardenia Fabrics, and here from Handmade is Heartmade.

Rolling Hills longarm quilting design panto found on A Bright Corner blog, quilt by Andy Knowlton


  1. I love your quilt! I would not have chosen coral and gray together but they look fantastic together. Wonderful!

  2. I Absolutely love this quilt. I'm a big fan of Corey's Apricot & Ash fabric line. Her combo of the grays (I love grays) & apricot color (not in my wheelhouse at all) just caught my eye when it came out & I was hooked. I also love that new Moda Grunge in your quilt. I think all the Grunge fabrics are awesome & I've loved them, too since they've been available. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the grey and orange combo of colours in this quilt! Very pretty!

  4. I love this quilt too.. You did a great job!!


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