Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sewing Away

I realized the other day that most of my recent blog posts have just been about finished quilts.  So today I wanted to show you a couple of things that I'm just now starting.

Fun stack of blue fabrics for a nautical patchwork quilt

I recently found the site, and I'm already a big fan!  You enter your zip code and it generates a list of service opportunities in your area.  Pretty cool!  With school ending soon, I've been looking for ways to include my boys in doing some service and I'm happy to have found some good ideas on

When I entered my zip code, I found information about making quilts for children that are in foster care.  I emailed the coordinator and I was given the first name, age, and favorite colors of a girl who is in need of a quilt all her own.  When I finish the quilt, I'll deliver it to the coordinator and she will then give it to the child.  How great is that?  

Blue fabrics for a patchwork quilt

This girl's favorite color is blue and she loves nautical things - so these are the fabrics I'll be using on her quilt.  I'm going with a simple patchwork quilt and all of the squares are cut at 4" square. 

So that's one of my current WIPs (works in progress)! 

Gingham Girls fabric fat quarter bundle

I also have this fat quarter bundle of Gingham Girls fabric (designed by Amy Smart for Penny Rose Fabrics) and I'm currently debating on what to make with it.  I've been seeing some really cute Gingham Girls projects start to pop up on Instagram.  But I'm still thinking.  I really love this quilt, and this one too!

Gingham Girls fabric by Amy Smart for Penny Rose Fabrics 

Thanks for stopping by A Bright Corner, and happy quilting!  

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  1. What a lovely gesture! She will be over the moon with her very own quilt!

  2. Great quilt start(s). I've visited the just serve site and found it impressive. I haven't been able to do anything tho'...yet! :)

  3. Gorgeous fabric combo and the girl will be delighted with the quilt!!

  4. I love that your able to tailor the quilt to "your" girl's interests and tastes. As a girl who never liked pink, well, I think she'll really appreciate it :D

  5. What a sweet gesture - I think your quilt will be perfect! I love that you are sharing the beginning of a project too, I have to admit it's not something I usually include on my blog, but it is a great idea!

  6. Thanks for sharing that link! Your fabric picks are so pretty :)

  7. How cool is that - and that you jumped right in to help out! Love those blues - she will be tickled!

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