Wednesday, October 8, 2014

University of Utah quilt

I feel like I need to begin with a brief disclaimer.  I am not a University of Utah Alum.  In fact, I attended their rival school, BYU.  At least they were rivals WAAAY back when I went to school.  Are they even rivals anymore?  I guess it depends on who you ask. 

University of Utah quilt

Anyway, my local quilt shop needed this quilt made as a display quilt and I had time so I volunteered.   It's a quick pattern - I think I had the quilt done in just a few days!  The quilt finished at 55" x 64" and I quilted it in an easy meandering pattern with some loops thrown in.  

University of Utah quilt

I’m not usually a fan of the red / black / white color combo, but once this quilt was finished I had to admit that it is quite striking.  In fact, my oldest son came in and proclaimed “I LOVE this quilt!  Can I have it?”  My response: “NO!  This quilt doesn't belong in our house.  I’ll make you another red / black / white quilt that has no affiliation with any University.”  Ha!  

[Quilt details:  A friend of mine wrote the pattern and the quilt shop has kits available now for both the U of U quilts and the BYU version.  If you're not local you can call the shop and order one over the phone: 801-225-3123]

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