Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Making Progress

So this project is one that I started about four months ago and have been working on it slowly (SLOOOOO…WWW….LLLLY)  since then. 

These solid fabrics were sent to me by the lovely people at American Made Brand and I’ve enjoyed creating with them!  I just love the combination of vibrant solids with scrappy low volume prints so that’s what I’ve gone with for this project.  (You can see my first post about American Made Brand cotton solids here.)

  Bright squares quilt idea

Each 8.5” square has four (2.5”) squares of low volume inside.  Last night I was playing around with the layout and I think I’ve finally settled on this.  Whaddaya think?  Anything stand out to you in the picture above?

American Made Brand solids with low volume prints

The next step with this project is to create the sashings that will go between blocks.  I’ll be using more 2.5” squares of low volume along with some longer strips of low vol.  If I’ve done my math correctly (fingers crossed) I should have all of the low volume cut.  Now I just need to put in a good movie and get sewing!

stack of scrappy low volume squares


  1. I love low volume, I need to get mine have an interesting combination of solids up there, and they work! I really like squares in quilts, a lot! It will be a very lovely quilt, I can just 'feel' it. :)

  2. I like the combination you have chosen. The colors are balanced, but provide good movement. The Low volume with brighter solids is a nice combo.


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