Monday, October 28, 2013

Ruffled Pillow

At the end of each day, I walk around the house gathering up all of the pillows and arranging them back on the couch.  In our house we have many, many throw pillows – all handmade – some that were given to us and some that I’ve made myself. 

Adorable ruffled Christmas pillow

Those pillows never stay on the couches though.  They somehow migrate into the boys’ bedrooms where they are well-loved and used.  A few end up in the basement where they were used as shields, land mines, or bases.

I’m hoping that with all of the ruffles and the wood buttons this pillow will be less desirable to the kids and will maybe stay put.  What are my odds, do you think?

ruffled pillow

This adorable ruffled pillow was one of my quick projects from last week.  The pillow pattern comes from an Adornit book called “Long Live Vintage”. 

It was fun to make ruffles again.  I think it has to be at least four years or so since I’ve ruffled anything!  It just doesn’t happen that often in a house with so many boys. 

ruffled pillow

The backing is a simple envelope closure which is my favorite way to do pillow backs. 

Adorable Christmas pillow

For now the pillow is part of a display at a local fabric shop but I’m looking forward to adding her to our Christmas d├ęcor this year. 

Adorable Christmas pillow

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  1. Love the pillow and the ruffles too! Great for the holidays!

  2. I think it's absolutely adorable! Kudos to your awesome sewing skills (ruffles are way beyond my ability.) However it's giving me a little bit of a giggle. If you rotate the first picture in the post 90 degrees counter-clockwise the ruffles look like a skirt, and the three buttons... ? ;D


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