Friday, October 4, 2013

Dr. Seuss Quilt

So the weather on Thursday was somewhat cooperative and I had a willing quilt-holder hanging around so I was able to get some photos of the Dr. Seuss quilt I showed you yesterday.  It’s as if all the stars were aligned or something.

Dr. Seuss quilt

The pattern is called “Wildflower Chevron Quilt” from the Adornit girls.  The applique shapes in that colorful column are supposed to be cute flowers but we didn’t think it went too well with the whole Dr. Seuss idea.  I swapped in some simple shapes and let the fabrics do the rest of the work.  Here’s a photo of the original quilt hanging at quilt market in the Adornit booth – cute, isn’t it?

Adorn it chevron quilt

The quilt shop I sewed this for needed the quilt to be just a bit narrower for display purposes so I removed the last column of chevrons and that did the trick.

For the quilting, I tried a new free motion quilting design that I found on Pinterest.  (The original pin was a bad link but I did a Google image search and finally tracked down the original source of the pin – mystery solved!)  The quilting idea came from here – and she has a lot of other great quilting ideas that I can’t wait to try. 

Quilting on a chevron quilt

I chose a green minky for the backing and a stripe for the binding.  Once my boys saw the backing they began to discuss who gets to use the quilt first.  I keep telling them it will be awhile before they see it again but it doesn’t matter.  It gives them something to argue about discuss, right?

Quilt with a minky backing

Hope you have a fantastic Friday!  I’m linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday.  Go and check out what other talented quilters have done this week.


  1. Here from finish it up...great Dr Suess quilt. The quilting looks great...and a minky back, yummm!!

  2. What a fun quilt. I can see why your boys want to be the first lucky snuggler!!! The rainbow binding is one of my fave prints, it makes for a perfect finish I think!!! Visiting from "Finish it up Friday".

  3. Wonderful Dr. Seuss fabric use. Such a fun line. The rainbow binding is perfect for the quilt, too. Great job!

  4. Great quilt! Dr Seuss and Minky...perfect combination! Your binding looks do you do it?

  5. Gorgeous quilt! So bright and colourful - great use of that fabric line! Glad to see you were once again motivated to get quilting. Congrats on a beautiful finish.

  6. How fun and colorful! My readers at FaveQuilts would love this,



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