Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A good combo

abrightcorner on instagram
Doing a little late night straight-line quilting while watching old episodes of The West Wing.  Makes for a good combo.  I miss that show.  I started re-watching the episodes through Amazon prime - I believe they have all 7 seasons.  They'd better anyway.  

By the way, I'm now on instagram as abrightcorner.  I've had a personal & family (private) account for awhile and have loved it so I started one for the blog side of things.  Not on instagram?  You can still follow along here.

Now I'm off to buy just a bit more fabric.  I was careless last night (probably too distracted watching tv) and I cut what was supposed to be binding fabric into four nice 9" squares.  Ooops!


  1. So does that mean you are going to quit blogging? I don't instagram but I do love your blogs. I miss your dinner is ready as well

  2. I rewatched all of The West Wing during December/January while quilting. I fully endorse this practice.

  3. We've been watching it all again too!! Netflix has all the seasons on the instant watch thing! I forgot how much I enjoy that show! :)

  4. How funny. . with Grey's Anatomy ending I've been searching for a new show and this is exactly what I landed on as well! :)


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