Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summertime Squares

I’m really enjoying Summer.  I felt like we had a long, miserable winter so I’m really liking the hot weather we’ve been having.  The kids and I are crossing a lot of things off of our Summer Bingo card.  What is Summer Bingo you ask?  I first saw it here.  I downloaded her free printable and customized the activities for our family.  The kids like to look at it during breakfast and decide what fun thing we’ll do that day.

A few days ago I pulled a stack of green fabrics from my closet and started putting them together.  I built this quilt around the little tree print - I really, really love those little trees. 
That stack of fabrics became this:

summertime baby quilt

I am calling it “Summertime Squares.” (40” x 40”)  It’s just so summery with the shades of greens and the light yellows.  It reminds me of the trees in early Summer when the leaves are filled out, but not yet deepened in color. 

rolled up quilt

For the quilting I did straight line quilting on the diagonal.  I was going to go across the quilt in the other direction as well, but as I spread out the quilt to mark the first row I decided that it looked perfect the way it was.

green baby quilt

Just as a note – painters tape works great as a guide for straight line quilting.  I can line it up using my long ruler, press it down well, and then I just follow the tape edge with my presser foot. 

green quilting

Summertime Squares is in the shop!


  1. I love this quilt! I've seen many like this and didn't love them but I think it's the fabric or the size of the blocks that draws me in. Either way, fabulous!

  2. I love that tree fabric. It really does look like the start of summer. I also use painters tape to quilt straight lines, I can't sew straight without it.

  3. That is such a gorgeous quilt! I love the fresh look of it with those greens! =D

  4. So fresh! and I love the binding : )


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