Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Sad to say, not a lot to SHOW for what I’ve been working on this week.  I’ve gotten a tremendous amount of work DONE, but there’s just not much to show for it.  This quilt from last week now has it’s binding sewn on.  It’s waiting now to be hand sewn to the back and then it’s read for a glamor shot  (that’s what I now call the photo shoots I have for the quilts that will eventually end up in the shop.) 

jacks blocks wip

I really, really cannot wait to see this quilt finished.  I’m debating keeping this one for my youngest son.  It’s been a joy to work on – I just love it.   

This is one whopper of a pattern to write.  It’s about half done – just the cutting instructions alone were one night’s worth of work. Sheesh.  I do have the pattern cover done though.  Wanna peek?

jacks blocks cover image

This week I also finished my Dino Fractals pattern and it’s listed in the shop now.

Dino Fractals Cover Image

Oh and I did some actual SEWING this week too!  Here and there I’ve had just a few minutes to sit and add to my pile of nine-patch blocks.  I first started this project back in mid-September.  I love that this quilt doesn’t have a deadline – it’s just for fun and I can just work on it here and there when I have a minute. 

nine patch hoos

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  1. Your patterns look beautiful! I first found your blog in the Riley Blake classroom and quickly added you to favorites. I love your quilts-thank you for the nice comments!

  2. Congrats on the new patterns, Andy. They look fabulous!

  3. thanks for visiting my blog. Not sure if all the points match up perfectly but... they will do. I like the cover work for your patterns. I think that Jacks blocks will be a perfect way to use up a few novelty fabrics I have lying around.

  4. It would be hard to part with that quilt (as it usually is). I love the colors and arrangement of the blocks.

  5. Jack's Blocks looks like a gorgeous quilt! I love those fabrics too =)

  6. Love your quilt...will be checking in to see when you get the pattern all finished up...I think it's a keeper ;)

  7. I just saw this quilt, or one exactly like it, in my local quilt store this weekend. It is gorgeous. You know how in quilt shows and museums they make you put on those white gloves to touch the quilts? Well, I couldn't help myself, I felt guilty but I totally touched it. I literally couldn't keep my hands off it. Not only is the design great the fabric choices go so well together. This really is a beautiful quilt.


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