Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zoo Dwellers quilt for Charlie

This quilt has been done for a couple of months now, but I’ve been waiting to write a post about it until I finished the tutorial for the Zoo Dwellers pattern.

This is a twin-size version of that pattern, made for my little nephew Charlie.  It uses the same fabrics as his brother’s quilt (Jack’s Blocks).

  charlie 1

I enjoyed taking one stack of fabrics and creating two separate quilts – a little bit the same and a little bit different.  Just like these boys!

charlie back 1

This quilt finished at around 62” x 72” (if I remember correctly!)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zoo Dwellers Quilt Tutorial

I have a quilt tutorial over at the Riley Blake website – go check it out!

small zoo dwellers front page

I just love these colors.  I am going to name this color group my “colors of Summer 2011.”  They are so bright and cheery and my eyes can’t get enough of them.  I guess that would explain why they’re all over my house.  Mostly. 

Zoo Dwellers hanging

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sweet Baby Boy (version 1 and 2)

Back in December-ish I created this quilt which I called “sweet baby boy.”  (The finished quilt measured about 45” x 45”)  I listed it in my shop but apparently failed to blog about it – which is no big deal until I want to write a blog post that refers BACK to this quilt… which didn’t exist on my blog.  Y’all with me still?

Fast forward to August 2011.  I was digging through my closet and found some leftover blocks from the Sweet Baby Boy quilt.  There were maybe 10 or so blocks, and then a stack of scraps as well.  I was able to piece the scraps together to get a few more blocks, add some Kona snow as sashing and came up with this:
humanitarian quilt 2

I know it doesn’t photograph well – it really looks SO much better in person.  This second quilt measures about 45” x 60” – yes…. bigger than the original quilt.  A yard or so of solid fabric can do amazing things when you combine it with a pile of scraps.  (side note:  Please don’t throw out your scraps.  If you don’t care to hang on to them, send them to me and I’ll put them to good use!)

humanitarian quilt 2 hanging

humanitarian quilt 2 binding

This second quilt is going to find a new home at the Center for Women and Children in Crisis. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Ribbons v.2

ribbons in blue and green 2

This is another quilt made from my Ribbons pattern.  This time it’s done in greens, blues and browns and it is the baby-size:  45” x 45”

ribbons in blue and green 3

I used fabrics from the Hooty Hoot line by Riley Blake and a Kona solid for the back. 

Can I just say that I think this is one of my all-time favorite color combos?  I have my flash-in-the-pan favorites (pink & light blue in the ‘90s, magenta & navy blue in 2000, and green, orange and aqua in 2011—to name just a few) but there’s just something about blue and green together that makes it timeless.  Or is it just me?

ribbons in blue and green 6

This quilt is listed in the shop as is the pattern!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


What was I just saying in my last post?  Something about not having a lot of pink around our house?  Well this stack of fabrics didn’t stay long.  When I spotted the Sunkissed line by Sweetwater (Moda) I fell in love with the pinks and grays. 

ribbons in pink bench1

I used them to create the throw-size quilt using my Ribbons pattern.  It measures 58” x 70” 

ribbons in pink backing

…and it is on it’s way to a new owner.  See, I told you it didn’t stay long.  I think that pink fabric just gets the vibe that it’s not welcome around here or something.



Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Lotta Bit of Purple

In our family the opposite of “a little bit” is “a lotta bit.”  This newest quilt has more purple in it than exists in my entire home.  We’re not really purple people.  Or pink.

  purple pinwheels full 1

The whirlygig block was one that I had always wanted to try.  I made one block for a swap once and I was surprised at how easy it was.  So out came all of the lovely purple fabrics from my stash.   I really don’t ever work with purple but I have to say that I genuinely enjoyed it.  It just a pretty color.  I love it against the white background. 

I found the perfect spot to photograph this quilt- with some help from my son (such a good sport!)  Can you believe this little house?  How cute is that?  It has a little porch, a little front door and a little walk leading up to it.  It’s all just oozing with charm.  What an appropriate place to photograph a little quilt. 

 purple pinwheels tiny house 1

The quilt measures 40” x 40”  The backing is not a pieced backing like I usually do, but instead I used a single print fabric.  You can see it peeking out in the photo below. 

purple pinwheels close up 2

This quilt is listed in my shop.

Thursday, August 11, 2011



After several late nights sitting at my computer, I think I finally have some patterns ready for the shop.  Three to be exact.  This quilt is one of them – Unlinked, throw size.  Just a sneak peak for tonight.  It’s already 1am so I’m off to bed!
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