Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Avert Your Eyes

I have this stack in my sewing room. It is sitting on the end of my cutting table, smack-dab in the way of everything. I leave it there not as a reminder to work on it, but just simply because it is beautiful. Some days however (like today) it is difficult to avoid - I want to put aside my current project (the back for this quilt) and begin my next project. Must.....resist....................and.......avoid....eye....contact.....


  1. Oh, yummy fabric. I think I am addicted, really.

  2. Those are beautiful!
    I do that too sometimes, I find it helps me fly through my projects in order to start working on another quilt!
    Sometimes I go to my stash and put 3-4 fabrics together and just stare at them... so mesmerizing!


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