Friday, June 12, 2009


I had to pause this project...

to start this one...

But the good news is that for the string quilt (the red, black and green one) I have 50 blocks completed. 50 more to go. My goodness is that a time-consuming quilt.


  1. Um, Andy - I knew you were talented, but I guess I really had NO idea! These quilts are materpieces! I'm truly amazed.

  2. Love the color combination. Wish to see more of them :-)

    Did these blocks made from scrap? I started one too. Mine is multi-color.

  3. I did have some of the pieces already in my stash, but I did buy some to add to it. I saw your multi-colored one on your blog and it is very cute! I love the scrappyness of it. (is that a word?)

  4. I really like every fabric color here, each one is so pretty.


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